We love the moment when the snow is melting and the first gust of spring warmth is felt in the air. From the bottom of the wardrobe, we immediately want to pull out airy, patterned dresses, light jackets from the bottom of the wardrobe and choose more expressive colors than the ubiquitous black. However, before this moment comes, we have a small overview of spring trends for you.

1. Nude tones.

Beiges and browns, dull roses. A beautiful and wide palette of facial colors, among which there is something for every skin color. Closer to summer, they bring to mind the atmosphere of safari, but in the first spring edition, they will certainly allow you to feel the spring atmosphere and forget about the last few months of rain and rain.

2. Color blocking

Seems to be a choice for the brave by design, but it doesn't have to be that way. It is enough to combine similar, subtle shades to create something not only fashionable, but also elegant. However, if you like to stand out - choose vivid colors such as pink, orange or turquoise.

3. Mix of


This is probably one of our favorite trends. We will try to please those of you who like bold, avant-garde styles, as well as those who focus on more subtle combinations. In our edition, this trend is combined with color blocking and we can probably tell you that you can expect some unique patchworks in the spring collection. We can't wait to show them off, but give us a few more days before we reveal more details;)

4. Washed jeans

A few seasons ago the so-called mom jeans, or high waisted denim pants, popular in the 80s and 90s. Now the bright washed shades are back. They appeared in many shows for the spring-summer 2019 season. Designers, as usual, let their imagination run wild, sewing not only jackets and pants, but also crazy skirts or even entire suits.

And here another surprise - jeans will appear in the new collection! What exactly? We can't reveal that yet, but more info soon.

Which of the spring trends is your favorite? Remember to follow us on instagram , where you will soon find more information about upcoming news.

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