The biggest promotions and real shopping madness soon! Black Friday 2021 falls on November 26 - be sure to note this date on the calendar! Especially for this occasion, we have prepared for you a list of timeless models. We are sure that the upcoming promotions are a good time to complement the wardrobe with classics that will not go out of fashion in the next season. Check what we have for you!

Let this year's Black Friday in Poland not be just an argument for impulsive purchases. This is the best opportunity to refresh your wardrobe, prepare for the winter, supplement your collection with timeless models, and maybe also to look for the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones? But before shopping ...

Task 1. Organize your wardrobe

The wardrobe breaks at the seams, and you still have the impression that you have nothing to put on yourself? Don't worry, you're not alone! However, before you start shopping, make order in the closet. Follow the principle of the magic three. Does a specific thing match at least 3 different styling sets? Have you been wearing her for the last 3 months? Have you reached for her in the last 3 years? The answer to this question will allow you to organize your clothes on those that you should definitely leave, sell (or give away) and throw away. The most fatal is to collect too many clothes to walk around the house. Usually there are things in which you no longer show in the city or at work, but you are still a shame to throw them away. This is not a good habit! Instead of gathering old things, prepare a few neat sets in which you will feel really good and beautiful in your own home. Do not forget to look at the hangers - be sure to remove those damaged and broken.

Task 2. Make a list and set your budget

Approach with your head and apply the principle of racial stylists. Write on a piece of paper, which is missing in your wardrobe and what exactly you need to invest in using the discounts on Black Friday 2021. Shops on this day (and even longer!) Will organize promotions, thanks to which you will complete your wardrobe without unnecessary overpaying. A quilted jacket for the winter, Christmas dress, or maybe a women's sweat set? Think about how much things you have chosen and initially estimate your budget. Black Friday in Poland can be a good opportunity to look for Christmas gifts. Don't forget to note who you want to give and who may like. Be open to surprises, because the Black Friday offer can really surprise you!

Task 3. Take a coffee, sit comfortably and start shopping ... online

We love to make life easier! Remember that in Black Friday 2021 stationary stores and shopping malls can literally crack at the seams. Instead of running from one to the next store, sit comfortably with a cup of hot coffee and without pushing, start shopping online. In addition, Black Friday in online stores have the benefit that at the same time you can view several offers at the same time.

Task 4. Choose good quality clothes that will be used for a long time

Timeless classics do not go out of fashion quickly! Choose such styles in which you feel the best and put on universal models that will match many other elements of your wardrobe. Creating ready -made sets and completing clothes for already your accessories will make you not have dilemmas what to put on. So what is worth buying at Black Friday 2021?


White Oversize shirt

One thing is certain - a white shirt is a piece of clothing that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Meanwhile OVERSIZE SEE YOU Tomorrow shirt This is a light variation that you will see the most in details. Loose cut, puffy sleeves and delicate embroidery on the shirt collar will make it gain an original expression. You can safely complete the white shirt with classic jeans or pants with a dilated leg. Nonchalantly recessed behind the strap front of the shirt and heavy shoes on a thick sole will make you look elegant, but with a claw! The white Oversize shirt is a great base for many styles - you can safely experiment with other wardrobe elements, as well as with jewelry itself!

Patterned midi dress with binding

Comfortable, feminine and timeless dress for special occasions? Every woman should have such a model in her wardrobe! Fashion with midi length, puffy sleeves and details in the form of small buttons on cuffs can add charm. A date with a beloved, family meeting or an afternoon trip for coffee with a friend? We are convinced that in all circumstances you will feel feminine, comfortable and classy. Especially that timeless Dress with binding In a few seconds he will emphasize your waist. This is a model that you can style in many ways. Creamy high heels and Ramones jacket for spring as well as long boots and a monochrome coat in the autumn and winter season. In a word - extra! 

Long oversize sweater

The perfect gray sweater is not there ... Long North Star sweater breaks all stereotypes. The oversized cut does not restrict movement and make you feel very free. You don't have to worry about any imperfections - the oversize sweater will effectively wrap them. If you belong to the group of minimalists, you will definitely like this model with a braid weave. A gray sweater is a universal clothing that you can complete with fitted pants. Nothing prevents you from long and loose models to tear with a belt. Thanks to this, in a few seconds you will get an indentation at the waist. To add a few centimeters, choose long boots over the knee. Sweaters They are an excellent base for creating various styles and are even asking for expressive accessories!


 Double -sided winter coat

Is there a more universal outerwear than Double -sided winter coat? Regardless of whether you focus on a sports vibe or an elegant look, this model will adapt to each of your stylization. If you focus on a classic version of yourself today, choose the monochrome side of the coat, and when you want to go crazy with fashion tomorrow, blow out and attract the look with a multitude of patterns and colors. The timeless coat cut will work great with a spacious turtleneck, Mom Jeans pants or a Midi patterned dress.

 Convenient sweat set

If your wardrobe lacks a sweat set, Black Friday is a good time to catch up all backlogs! It looks great, creates a nonchalant character of stylization, and at the same time is extremely comfortable! At the same time, the set completely solves the problem of full styling - your only task is to choose add -ons. Sports watch, massive workers and a backpack imposed on one arm is enough! If you value very good quality that will serve you for many seasons, complete the set (hoodie + pants) Light Dreamer made of hemp fibers. One thing is certain - the universal color of the clothing will match everything. Independent, whether you put on a uniform set or decide to mix elements.


We hope that our shopping guide suggested what is worth buying at Black Friday 2021. And now to work! First, ordering, then a good action plan, and finally ... Sit comfortably and start rolling. Especially that Black Friday VIP has already started today with reductions up to -70 percent! Take a look at the page store NAOKO

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