Are you looking for inspiration for a fancy festival make-up? You hit great! In this post, a few of our suggestions. We dug the Internet for ideas and created something special for you. The beauty of the festivals and the holidays themselves is the opportunity to experiment without any qualms! Following all the trends, from sparkling tears to floral crowns, you won't look "kitschy" at all! You don't want to get lost in the crowd, do you?


What you have to bet on is a strong color and sparkles! If you are brave and you like to try new things, especially on the occasion of such fun - you will surely find something suitable for you. Today, and certainly by the end of the season, these trends will be the most up-to-date!

Jewelry in the lead role

Fake Freckles


Dare to color!

Mix trends, create dazzling combinations, inspire others!
We keep our fingers crossed for you

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