Today I would like to introduce you to what it is like to work in a clothing brand and be a woman who has always loved fashion and clothes. Is it really a dream job, or is it really as colorful as it seems.

Let's start from the beginning.

I wanted to work in fashion since high school! I became a model, but it wasn't enough for me very quickly, I wanted to vent my creative energy and that's how I created NAOKO. I went to fashion weekends, went to fairs every week, worked with my boyfriend at the beginning, "borrowing" a piece of my parents' house and making it our office. After some time we decided to expand the team and for 2 years we have been building our wonderful and dream team!

Currently, we have our own crazy and always messy office, a great team and everything we once dreamed of. And above all, we have you! Every day we are amazed how many people visit our website, how many of you put beautiful photos in our clothes. When I pass someone in our dress, sweatshirt or jacket on the street, he can barely stand up so as not to come over and hug him. <3

But back to the topic, is it a dream job and is it really so colorful? I have created a list of 5 interesting facts for you. Expectations vs. Reality.

1. You have so many clothes - I envy you!

I hear these words very often, which you don't know. The clothes I create at NAOKO are a very serious matter for me, before the collection is released, I am consumed by stress, after all, I am not sure that you will like the clothes, and that is what they are made for you.

In addition, before the news is released, we always create samples that are cut by hand (you do not even know how many hours we spend on our knees, how many prints we have on our fingers ...). The tailored samples go at an express pace to the sewing rooms, where they are sewn as quickly as possible to see if the form is correct or if it needs to be improved.

And here you need to know that the form in the initial phase is rarely perfect and does not require corrections, and the samples that we sew together are always hard for me to throw away, so instead of production models I always take samples for myself, which are often not completely lying, are sewn with a randomly selected thread color or they are not finished at all. : P

After the new collection has entered, I don't have the strength to look at the clothes at all and I'd rather go for a while without anything: D

2. You know so many models and bloggers!

Indeed, I meet models, influencers and bloggers a lot. I love them all and treat them as friends, but you must know that for me as a woman, it is not easy to surround myself with beautiful women all the time. No matter if I have a good or bad day, I have to go to the session and there I see a beautiful girl with wonderful makeup and sometimes I just regret not having put on my makeup that day or that I had a really hearty dinner the day before: P

3. You travel so much!

Travel is my second greatest passion together with fashion. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to travel at work and I would not really change anything here, maybe just for more travel.

However, the journeys that I make during the photo sessions are not really holidays! I will not complain, but to be honest, running around the beaches, hills and cities with a suitcase, helping with changing clothes, looking for beautiful places for photos and checking if anything is untied, unwrapped, morning and evening ironing is really not a rest: P

And as for real holidays, I can never leave for more than 5/7 days, and during the holidays, every evening I check exactly what is happening on the e-mail, on the website, in social media and I write e-mails to my colleagues from the office with things that cannot be forgotten


I can run this suitcase from morning to night and iron every two hours if that would make me travel more, really!

4. You're the boss for yourself - you don't have to go to work at all.

Hahahahahaha, this is my favorite phrase that I hear almost every day. I go to work when I have a fever, runny nose, cough, broken arm, I'm in a good mood, in a bad mood, actually, there is no day when I'm not at work. I don't have to be in the office to work, it's true, but I come every day anyway because I love our team and this creative atmosphere. Managing myself is very difficult and I'm still learning it. Often, until late at night, I cannot break out of my thoughts about the company, I am very concerned about everything that is going on, and no one congratulates me on my successes, because I don't really pat myself on the shoulder. The biggest reward are your positive comments and photos that you add to our clothes <3 I often have a problem with balancing my private life and days off from work. My friend laughs that when her children ask about me the answer is always the same - auntie is at work.

But you must know that I would not exchange my job for any other, and NAOKO is my "child", whom I love with all my heart <3

5. This is a perfect job for a woman!

Hmmm, yes, I agree, but I must add that for a strong woman! And it is not only about mental strength, because that is what each of us should have, but about physical strength. I moved an infinite number of material beams in NAOKO, unfolded and assembled the stand hundreds of times, carried boxes of clothes up the stairs in the Palace of Culture, opened stores to which we had to bring all the furniture ourselves (we also did the furniture earlier), renovated our office - painted the walls, I put panels down, I folded desks. I'm telling you, men's help will always come in handy! : P

To sum up, it is my dream job, which I love immensely, which brings me a lot of satisfaction and a smile. I would never trade her for another. However, I do not live in a fairy tale, but I chose this path myself. <3

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