When buying clothes, you certainly pay attention to their cut, color and material. And do you remember to also adjust the neckline to your figure? It is really important and can change a lot, both in terms of styling and body proportions. See for yourself!

Types of


A well-chosen cleavage can work wonders, emphasize the strengths of your figure or hide any places that you do not like in a given area. The types of necklines is an extremely wide topic, although it might seem completely different.

So let's get down to business. What types of women's necklines are there? Do the different types of neckline trim differ? You will find the answers to these and other questions in this text. 😉

We must start with the division of necklines. The most important division is the one into shallow and deep necklines, as well as those that round or slim down.

So what types of necklines do we distinguish and what are they characterized by? Here they are:

  • Turtleneck, turtleneck and stand-up collar - are among the shallowest necklines.

  • T-shirt neckline - also shallow, very built-up and slightly rounded.

  • Boat neckline - also classified as shallow, it is a horizontal neckline with a more or less rounded cut, which is sometimes tighter, and other times it gently reveals the shoulders and collarbones.

  • Spanish neckline - horizontal and flattened. It reveals the shoulders, collarbones and upper back, and optically lengthens the neck.

  • Round neckline - classic, can be more or less cut. It beautifully emphasizes the bust and optically enlarges it.

  • V-neckline, V-neckline - a popular type of neckline that optically lengthens the neck.

  • Envelope neckline - similar to a V neckline, its sharp slants optically slim the figure, and at Naoko we love this type of neckline!

  • Square neckline - beautifully exposes collarbones and bust, and attracts attention with its original shape.

  • V-neck - similar to a square, is wider, more rectangular and reveals more.

  • Heart neckline - beautifully exposes the bust and optically enlarges it.

  • Halter neckline - reveals and exposes the shoulders, completely covering the bust.

  • American neckline - strongly cut and usually tied around the neck.

  • Asymmetrical neckline - beautifully emphasizes the shoulders.

We have presented the most popular types of necklines. Below you will find out which necklines are popular in dresses and which are popular in blouses, as well as how to choose a neckline to match your figure. Let's go!

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Types of necklines in dresses

At Naoko we love dresses ! In our offer you will find a large selection of them. What are the most popular necklines in dresses?

V-shaped neckline, as well as a similar to it - envelope neckline, are very popular now. These are the types of necklines of dresses that slim down not only the neck, but also the entire figure. Our best-selling model - fitted Havana dress has this type of neckline.

Many of our clients love this dress for this cleavage, additionally it has elastic bands, thanks to which it fits both smaller and larger breast sizes.

Another model enjoys a similar popularity - a long dress with an Emerald Dream binding. It has the aforementioned type of dress neckline, which every woman will love. In addition, its beautiful green color highlights and brightens the eyes and skin.

The types of neckline in a dress are really important, they can make the whole styling more attractive, and also help the figure, e.g. optically slim it. The American cleavage will certainly help in this treatment. Its strong cut draws attention to the upper body parts. It is popular, for example, in evening dresses and elegant stylizations.

What other types of dress necklines are popular? The answer will be a very distinctive dress - Spanish neckline. Otherwise known as Carmen - it is extremely feminine, beautifully revealing the shoulders and collarbones. It belongs to the most sensual necklines in women's dresses.

In our offer you will find many dresses for special occasions with various cuts and necklines, choose the models you love.

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Types of necklines in blouses

What are the most popular types of necklines in blouses? Most often these are necklines from the flatter group. Particularly characteristic of t-shirts - boat necklines and T-shirts.

T-shirt Lumos And Nox has a delicate boat neckline, and its black and white pattern is very interesting. It is a t-shirt with a simple, classic cut, which can also become the perfect element of all your casual stylizations. The classic boat neckline also contributed to the versatility of this jersey.

Types of blouse necklines, in addition to the flat ones, can also be deeper. A round neckline will be perfect for elegant blouses. It is one of the most popular necklines, simple, classic and delicate.

Why will it work for blouses? When the round neckline is quite wide, it can optically widen the chest, thanks to which it will emphasize a large bust. Depending on the model of the blouse, it can be suitable for elegant occasions, it is enough to choose an interesting necklace that will enhance the stylization and add style to it.

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How to choose a neckline to fit the figure?

You already know a little about necklines, but you are probably wondering which one will be the best for you? How to choose a neckline to the figure?

Round or round? How about American or asymmetrical? We have a lot of neckline types, and that's very good - you will choose not only one type of neckline, you will have a choice and you will not have to limit yourself. 😊

  • A small figure will be perfectly emphasized by a square neckline. This type of neckline will also enhance even the smallest bust. The T-shirt neckline, which visually widens the shoulders, as well as the boat neckline, also fits the small figure.

  • Stronger figures will look good in a V-neck or an envelope neckline. These necklines rule when it comes to slimming the figure. The same goes for the American neckline, which is extremely stylish and reliable in optically lengthening the figure.

  • Neckline perfect for a smaller bust - the heart-shaped one optically lengthens the neck and emphasizes the breasts, gently enlarging them, while the boat and Spanish neckline will distract attention from the bust and focus it on the shoulders.

  • Necklines perfect for larger breasts - the mentioned V-neck and heart-shaped neckline will be perfect here - especially when you want to display your feminine shapes. When you prefer to hide them, opt for asymmetrical necklines that will distract from the bust.

  • Our tip - if you still have a problem with choosing the right neckline, we suggest: opt for a round neckline. Depending on the depth of the cut, it fits different types of figures. The deep one will make your shoulders and neck slender and emphasize medium and larger breasts. On the other hand, the shallow, round neckline, reaching up to the neck, is perfect for small breasts.

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Halter neck

What distinguishes a halter neckline? Its cut resembles a trapezoid and, among other necklines, is distinguished by the fact that it has a built-up top and more cut sides. As a result, the halter neckline exposes the shoulders and, depending on the cut, can also reveal the back.

Depending on the cut, this neckline can have different top finishes - from fancy ties around the neck, through a simple cut under the chin, to a high stand-up collar with a clasp. The halter neckline is most often found next to dresses and various types of tops, the classic ones as well as the short ones that reveal the belly.

Halter neckline - who will it be best for? Certainly for women who want to show off their beautiful arms.

In our offer this type of neckline can be found next to dresses with choker . Sea Seniorita choker dress will be a perfect example of how to expose your shoulders and reveal your back with this type of neckline.

Boat neckline

The name of this neckline is not accidental and perfectly reflects its shape. What is the boat neckline characterized by? You will recognize it easily by the fact that it is wide, slightly semicircular and resembles the shape of a boat hull.

The bateau neckline does not reveal much, but the collarbones and shoulders at this neckline are often slightly exposed, which gives a sensual effect and with this type of cut it can look very sensual. This can be seen especially in the case of elegant dresses, as well as oversized sweatshirts and t-shirts.


The so-called V-neck is very popular with casual shirts, t-shirts and blouses. We also offer dresses , which complete this type of neckline.

Also known as the diamond neckline, it is a timeless classic of the genre and one of those types of necklines that suit many figures. V-neckline will emphasize the bust, optically lengthen the figure and slim the neck. No wonder it's one of the most popular.

It looks great in a classic white t-shirt with the addition of sensual jewelry - nothing will fill this neckline so beautifully as a delicate chain with a pendant.

Large cleavage

Deep cleavage is often a controversial topic. You have to be careful with such a neckline, especially on larger events and on special occasions where the dress code applies.

A large cleavage can beautifully display your strengths, but also effectively distract from other body parts that you do not like to emphasize. 😉

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