As every year, the wedding frenzy continues. If you are also going to celebrate someone's love, it is worth remembering a few basic rules that should be remembered before a big party.

1. "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not a luxury" - Coco Chanel

It would seem that comfort is not the most important aspect when choosing a dress. But surely, like each of us, you have wasted an entire evening constantly correcting too tight or short dresses, or getting tired in uncomfortable shoes (definitely yes!). It is worth remembering these moments and try to avoid similar mistakes. If you hope to lose weight by a miracle and wear the dress you were in 4 years ago at your sister's wedding, make sure that if the day before the wedding turns out to be too small, you have an emergency kit. After all, a wedding is about having a good time. Choose a proven cut that emphasizes the strengths of your figure and hides imperfections. It is also worth not to postpone shopping for shoes until the last minute. If you buy it in advance, you will be able to leave and the wedding will not end with chafed feet. If (like the author of this post :)) you do not feel well in high heels, choose flat ballerinas in which you will be able to reign on the dance floor until dawn. Choose a model that will serve you longer, after all, "a woman in good shoes is never ugly."

2. Watch out for the color.

You know - black and white are out. And while there are some exceptions in the case of black, it is better not to risk it with white. This applies not only to snow white, but also to many related shades such as ecru, ivory, very light pink and beige.

We have better news for black fans - a little black dress, especially enriched with bright accessories, is definitely ok. However, if you are going to create a dark look in a black maxi dress with black accessories, we strongly advise against it. Instead of black, choose another dark shade - navy blue or graphite. If this solution does not seem to encourage you, try with a black print dress, e.g. with flowers. This summer you can choose between dresses with floral patterns, you will find large, expressive flowers and delicate fields like our Rose Garden dress.

3. In harmony with yourself.

Don't come up with over-the-top stylizations just because you've spotted something from one of the bloggers. You know your style. If you are rock-conscious on a daily basis, don't suddenly try to create a pastel look. Do you prefer maxi dresses? Do not risk with a skimpy miniature, go in what you feel best at.

4. With attention to detail.

Do you like sequins, animal prints and lots of jewelry? As our mentor today used to say - extravagance kills personality. The excess of ornaments, patterns and textures does not make you more beautiful, on the contrary, it adds years and heaviness. Try to choose something simpler that you will still like, in the end "simplicity is the key to elegance".

We hope our few tips will help you create a look that will make you look gorgeous. Nothing pleases us as much as your photos in our dresses. Remember #naokogirls!

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