Are you planning a three-month trip of your life, a two-week all-inclusive vacation, or maybe a week of sunbathing? Regardless of whether you are flying to Asia, the United States, Turkey or Greece - the appropriate stylizations must surely accompany you in your holiday madness. 😉

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Holiday styling - what's the most important?

First of all, take it easy, you have to feel good on vacation. Comfort and convenience should be the basis of your holiday styling. This does not mean that you have to give up dresses or skirts, for example. None of these things. 😉

So what outfits should you choose for your trip to feel good and look fashionable? Get to know our proposals. For starters, Forest Valley openwork dress in a beautiful shade of bottle green. If you love nature and appreciate its beauty, you often choose wild and untamed paths, and you spend your time in the bosom of nature, this is the perfect choice for you!

This type of dress will make you feel at ease on vacation and you will not have to worry about comfort - a simple trapezoidal cut of the dress will work in any situation. You will be able to visit atmospheric towns, wander in the thicket of narrow streets, and even the greatest heat will not bother you.

Comfortable holiday styling is a bull's eye, especially in the aforementioned heat. When the heat is pouring down from the sky, and you would like to walk only in a bikini all day, we have a solution! Choose the right accessories for bikinis so that you can style them "city".

The Sunset Moments skirt is perfect for this type of treatment. Why? Dress it with a swimsuit, tie it high around the waist or above it, or even just below the bust - depending on your preferences. You don't have to put on a blouse anymore, all you need is a bikini top and lots of colorful chains and pendants that will cover the bust a bit and make the outfit more urban.

If you are not that brave, go for a skirt with a short top or a tied blouse, for example an Ivory Moon tied blouse will fit perfectly here. Together with the skirt, they will create a comfortable set that you can use on various occasions.

Our tip for mega heat? Tie a skirt over your bust - you'll have a short summer dress that you take off in one go on the beach before jumping into the water to cool off. 😉

These holiday outfits are just a few suggestions, we have many more for you, this time something more classic. T-shirts and shorts can form perfect duets. So what do we have to offer you?

Long Powerpuff Girls Acrobattack T-shirt works great with black shorts, especially if you put the t-shirt inside or fancifully tie it around the waist. It will also look great with matching cycling shoes and comfortable classic sneakers.

You can also wear a long t-shirt like the one with the Powerpuff Girls as a dress. Great deal, right? You have a comfortable t-shirt and you can style it in many ways, it is a perfect model - especially for styling for summer holidays.

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Outfits for a trip - what to take with you?

Choose clothes that will not only be comfortable, but also those that will be used for many occasions.We showed you how you can use one skirt or one long t-shirt in three holiday outfits. It's a very useful trick, remember about it when you pack your suitcase.

A similar model that will fit into the styling theme for many occasions will be our best-selling infinity dresses. For example, infinity maxi dress Mint Your Mind . Her long sashes allow the dress to be tied in many different ways.

One evening, therefore, you can charm your holiday companions with an asymmetrical dress with a tie on one shoulder. Another time, style it as a dress with thin straps, and another time with a highly exposed, exposed back. The choice is yours!

One dress in a suitcase, so many possibilities. In addition, its mint color fits perfectly into the Mediterranean climate. On the Greek Cyclades or the French Riviera, it will look great, and great photos in such styling and such places - are guaranteed.

Accessories will be an important element of your suitcase when it comes to holiday styling. Sunglasses, fancy hats, scarves, sandals and flip-flops can be changed endlessly. These types of accessories and fashionable, colorful jewelry will emphasize any summer outfit.

Straw hats and woven sandals are perfect for boho style stylizations. Comfortable and colorful sneakers will match sports outfits, and sandals on a post will be a good styling for a larger event, for example an evening dinner in the light of the setting sun.

Remember that your luggage can also be part of the styling. A suitcase or a backpack are an indispensable element of travel, you can make the suitcase stylish, and the backpack comfortable and simply cool.

What holiday styling should you take? Of course, a lot depends on the weather. If you are going to the tropics, choose most comfortable summer clothes. Also remember to impose something, for example in air-conditioned rooms and when the weather suddenly changes.

If you are going to less hot places, pack sweatshirts and tracksuits, as well as raincoats. Of course, you can also have dresses or shorts in your suitcase - there will be time for an elegant outing and in a less hot climate.

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Summer holiday styling - our suggestions

We already know what styles will be comfortable, which of them will be functional and useful for many occasions, as well as what accessories should be put on depending on the place and occasion.

What other styles for a holiday trip can you create with our help? Discover the novelty in our offer - the amazing kimono. For example, a model with a beautiful color reminiscent of the sea breeze - Summer Breeze muslin kimono . You can wear them in many ways as well.

For example, as a cover for a white swimsuit, where a straw hat and espadrilles will be an interesting accessory. You can also wear the kimono as a beach or evening dress, as well as a shirt for jeans - necessarily with accessories in shades of silver.

Summer has its own rules, in our summer collections we try to focus on materials that will serve you even during the hottest heat. Muslin is such a material. Our kimonos and summer dresses are made of it.

Short dress with Mystery Rose binding is our next muslin proposal. It is perfect as a base for summer holiday styling.Beautiful color, casual cut and light, airy material What more could you want from a summer dress?

Style her casual with classic sneakers or wedge sandals when you want to dress her up for a romantic candlelight dinner. The dress will also work during a beach party, you will be dancing in it until dawn!

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Holiday styling - summary

In summer outfits from Naoko, visiting the atmospheric Italian streets, shopping at Asian markets, cycling tours in picturesque national parks in the States, or sunbathing in Spanish resorts will be a real pleasure!

Ready for a vacation trip? Adventure awaits! 😊

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