The famous Spanish girl delights everyone with her femininity and style. And although it may not be convincing for everyone (due to the risks of wearing clothes supported by the breasts), a Spanish dress with straps sweeps the risk off the table and makes everyone dance with a spinning frill, not only experts in the field of risky fashion. So we gather today, women of all kinds, accepting the rescue sent to us with relief.

Because the season for Spanish dresses has come.

Spanish dress - what is this cut?

Associated with Spanish sex appeal and romance, the off-the-shoulder neckline is called Spanish - and this is how we find Spanish blouses, Spanish jumpsuits and Spanish dresses. In English, it is simply called "off shoulders", but in Poland the name after our western sisters is adopted and it is probably no surprise to anyone - the Spanish neckline is as beautiful and sexy as probably many women on the Iberian Peninsula.

Spanish elegant or romantic dress?

This summer was accompanied by an intense wedding season, so important decisions about the choice of outfits are ahead of us. But take it easy, among the Spanish beauties we will definitely find something for ourselves, because we have a lot to choose from, both in terms of cut, character and length.

Which one to choose? The Spanish paradox is that she is both the most romantic of her sisters' dresses and one of the most aggressive and daring. The perfect lover - perfectly feminine, airy and delicate or razor-sharp, prone to romance with sneakers. And since each of us is a perfect woman, a Spanish woman will be our partner in crime, regardless of which side of us - angelic, horned or undecided - currently dominates in us.

Spanish dresses - how to choose accessories to match their color?

In the case of most stylizations, accessories will give direction, in the case of Spanish, it is only the last touch, because it really does not need much. The choice of accessories for a Spanish dress will depend on what effect we want to achieve, what occasion we are preparing for and what model of dress we have.


For an airy and floral maxi dress - a typical summer outfit - tanned skin alone will be a decoration. Therefore, dresses in bright colors that will contrast nicely with the skin will be perfect. For this we can put on light sandals and ornaments focused on the hands - bracelets, rings. A hat with a large brim will also fit beautifully, especially for long walks on the beach, and if we reach for sunglasses, choose those with thin, metal frames. They will allow us to keep the balance and lightness of styling.

You especially like floral motifs, but are you closer to sporty, effortless elegance? Check out NAOKO skirts, including Watercolors Lily , which is a great base for casual styling (especially for turn of summer and beginning of fall).


Midi and mini dresses (which are recently celebrating their great comeback) will prove themselves in urban stylizations - we can put them on sneakers or heavier ankle boots and complete the look with more expressive jewelry, e.g. a favorite watch and large hanging earrings. Casual dress striped Spanish dress will work well with white sneakers or espadrilles and a straw fedora or hat.A Spanish dress, with or without straps, puts the shoulders and neck in the foreground, additional decorations will not be necessary here, but if we want to dazzle even more, necklaces on a short chain or chokers will be a good choice. We can also add a belt to emphasize the waist more .


High heels and a black Spanish dress is an extremely sexy combination, regardless of the length of the skirt. For the more sophisticated, with frills, floral ones, let's choose rather simple sandals or classic high heels in one color, for example beige - these will suit any dress. If it is a simple black Spanish dress, then we can go wild and put on shoes, e.g. neon yellow, with a bold print or fancy binding.


A white Spanish dress will suit the age of different styles and is the perfect summer option, as it will emphasize our holiday tan. Asymmetrical dresses, longer on one side, revealing both legs or one of them, will emphasize them very beautifully. If we add heels to it, admiring glances of passers-by are guaranteed. The ankle decorations will be especially visible in such a dress - it is an opportunity to let your legs shine. High-heeled sandals with an ankle fastening will also perform this function. In turn, the asymmetry in relation to the neckline exposes a strongly exposed shoulder, so we can flip our hair over it to obtain the effect worthy of the red carpet.

In the era of expressive jewelry and fashion for a large number of decorations for most stylizations, we do not have to worry about exaggerating with the number of bracelets or rings, especially if it is a white Spanish dress. On the other hand, a patterned Spanish dress allows for minimalism and you don't even have to worry about jewelry nudity. Let smile be our decoration for hot days on the beach.

Spanish dress for a wedding

More and more people are also choosing Spanish for more formal occasions, such as weddings, weddings and anniversaries. A boho style dress will be a great choice for a wedding in a garden or a barn, more and more places offer this type of space. On the other hand, for more formal parties, we can find many elegant cuts, including those with more expressive lines and a modern, austere shape.

Shaking your shoulders on a wedding train will certainly be easier when our companion is a Spanish dress with straps. Let's add elegant jewelry and high heels to it and we have the photographer's attention for the whole evening (confirmed info). For a wedding, choose a dress in a color other than white, unless we are the bride. Spanish wedding girls are also on our TOP 10 list for this season.

Red Spanish dress - do you dare?

There are legends about her. This is what we have before our eyes when we hear flamenco, tango, Carmen. Icon of the Spanish character - fire and femininity. The definite leader of its category - red Spanish dress. Of course, it deserved a separate category.

Just as playing with fire can be dangerous, the red Spanish dress carries some risks. You have to watch out for accessories , because the dress itself will be an ornament of our body that requires attention. Therefore, let's focus on small things - golden thin lines around the hands, on the fingers or simple dangling earrings are enough for us - we do not want to distract from the queen. A small handbag will balance the styling, and with voluminous dresses with large flounces it will keep it light.

Spanish blue dress and other colors

Another popular variation is the Spanish denim dress, which also opens up a number of new possibilities of styling it. It works well in very casual combinations - for example with your favorite sneakers, backpack and a beanie hat, but also in the more romantic ones if you choose somewhere special. You can choose a black belt, low-heeled sandals and a nice bag, for example with a chain. In addition, such a Spanish denim dress will fit, for example, with a leather jacket, if we care about rock styling. An example of a blue Spanish dress? Check out dresses-news from NAOKO, including the charming Grenada openwork dress .

One shoulder Spanish dress - what to wear it with?

According to the principle "you feel good, you look good", we focus on Spanish dresses with straps, i.e. the version of comfort. Another comfortable choice is a one-shoulder Spanish dress, which will also keep the top in place and allow us to move freely. In addition, it looks very elegant, so it will be perfect for a party or a party, for example. Each of us, however, has a favorite when it comes to Spanish dresses and each of us agrees that there is something about them that immediately makes us feel self-confident and more feminine. We also challenge ourselves to style one dress for every occasion - for work, weddings and the beach! Because everything depends only on our creativity, and each creation can be interpreted as it plays in our soul.

For salons, ladies!

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