Wedding - it is said to be the happiest day in a person's life. For the bride and groom, however, it means a lot of planning, preparation and stress. The situation is different for wedding guests - they just need to prepare a wedding gift and they can enjoy the party, food and fun. However, we cannot forget to choose the perfect outfit for such an occasion. You have to take into account many factors to ensure maximum comfort and most importantly - to look your best during such a special day. So let's consider what the perfect wedding dress is and how to style it well. It does not matter if you have already entered your friends' wedding dates in the calendar or you want to inspire yourself for a hypothetical celebration - our advice will surely be useful to you, maybe in this article you will find your dream wedding styling!

What dress for the wedding?

A wedding is not going to a 2-hour meeting - it's even a dozen or so hours of dancing, having fun and eating. The perfect dress for a wedding must be adapted to all these activities. Not too long, for a red carpet, nor too short - because we spend more time worrying about the visibility of our underwear than playing. It's good not to be super tight if we plan to eat all the hot dishes and the cake. In most cases, it cannot be white, and often it is better not to choose a black dress. We can also consider pants for a wedding, if we are not the biggest fans of skirts . So we can see that the simple question "what dress for the wedding " turns into something more complicated. Don't worry though - we'll take a look at our styling suggestions and you will definitely choose your favorite fashionable dresses for the wedding.

Tight wedding dress - Electric Meetings

We can focus on maximum comfort and choose a dress with a loose cut, but still many of us want to look great on a special occasion in the first place. And what could be better than highlighting what nature has endowed us with? A slit in a skirt, a deep neckline or Spanish neckline , a bare back or a tight cut - unless we exaggerate, these things will make us undoubtedly eye-catching. Maybe it is not an option for everyone - remember to choose a model in which you will feel comfortable, but if you like to show off your curves, a tight-fitting wedding dress is a choice for you to consider. In our styling for the wedding we chose A dress with a slit Water Lily , the subdued color of which will allow you to choose colorful accessories , although you can also choose classic black or universal nude. A tight-fitting dress for a wedding is a good choice for cooler weather, because its cut will match any outerwear.

Unique wedding dress - Sunflower Madness

Nobody likes this feeling when they spend a lot of time creating the perfect look for a special occasion, and when they show up, someone is wearing the same outfit. To avoid this, the most fashionable proposals of this season should be rejected, because there is a chance that half of the guests will choose them. A unique dress for a wedding does not have to be out of fashion, it should be simply original. Instead of simple and classic cuts and uniform materials, let's choose something unique and extraordinary. A good choice is, for example, a dress that does not look like a wedding outfit at first glance, but thanks to good accessories - we will make it that way. Our proposal is long and airy Spanish dresses with straps, for example this Celine Spanish dress in a beautiful mustard color.This sunny color can be toned down with black accessories, and we will still have the most unique outfit, of course, right after the bride. Don't be afraid to go crazy with colors and cuts at the wedding party - such a special occasion calls for a special outfit!

Boho style wedding dress - Homecoming

It may happen that we will be invited to a boho-style wedding and it is worth trying to create a unique outfit. Nevertheless, a dress for a boho wedding is a good choice also for a classic party. If we go to a themed wedding, we do not have to regret choosing thematic accessories - our styling will fit anyway. In this case, choose fringes, flowers, muted colors and natural accessories, for example, feather earrings. If we want to wear a boho-style dress for an ordinary wedding, we can create a more subdued stylization. Our proposal is this Maxi dress with frill Joane in a beautiful shade of blue. You can choose accessories in the color of natural leather, or lighter ones - for example cream. Loose and slightly wavy or slightly braided hair will be the best match for such a dress. A boho style wedding dress is a good way to create one-of-a-kind styling.

Dress for a wedding with flowers - Coffee In the Garden

In summer or autumn - a floral wedding dress will be a great choice for every season. The floral pattern will add uniqueness to your outfit and make it easier to choose accessories - you will not need any unique jewelry if your dress is eye-catching. Shoes and a bag in nude or black color are enough for many floral dresses. If you are interested in a floral wedding dress, choose a simpler cut, for example, tight to the body. Loose or braided hair will suit delicate floral patterns, but if you are interested in more feminine styling, you can pin it up in a loose bun. Our proposal is an incredibly floral Maxi dress with open back Pardon My French . You can tone down its pink pattern with brown accessories or those in nude shades. It will be perfect for both a summer wedding and an autumn wedding - you can easily wear your favorite coat or sweater with this dress.

Dress for a wedding ... black? - Elegance in Red

It is said that a black dress for a wedding is a total faux pas. Opinions are divided and we do not want to become the perpetrators of some fashion mishap at a wedding party, so take our advice at your own risk. :) The safest thing to do is to put off a black dress for another occasion, and if you feel comfortable in dark shades, choose navy blue or maroon. A black wedding dress should be the last resort, but if we have no other choice, we will brighten it up with accessories. Let's opt for shoes and a handbag in some vivid color that will make our outfit far from funeral. Our proposal is A long dress with a Sicily binding embellished with red accessories and gold jewelry. In addition, you can choose a colorful scarf, an elegant scarf or a cape that will soften the blackness. Fun shades that will look great with a black dress include pink, green or orange, for example.

Dress for a wedding for mom - Nightsky Chique

There comes a time when we have to lead our kids to the altar and we want to look good at the same time. Maybe some people think that a mum's wedding dress should meet certain standards, but we know that every woman is unique and has her own needs.Long, short, tight or loose, or maybe a suit instead of a dress - every outfit will be perfect if you feel good in it. A dress for a wedding for mum is every dress that a mother will wear for her children's wedding, so don't be afraid to go crazy! Our proposal is A long dress with a Twilight binding in an elegant burgundy color and a comfortable, loose cut. You can choose accessories in subdued colors - for example black and navy blue, but we can also try something more unique - for example bottle green. The dress with a tie is still available in a range of other shades, if you are not convinced by the burgundy color. All kinds of jewelry will suit this simple cut, so you don't have to hold back.

Youth wedding dress - Birds & Oranges

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of youth, you may be interested in a short dress for a wedding. You will have to choose the right accessories to make it elegant enough. A youth wedding dress will definitely stand out against the background of long dresses at the party. Choose a small handbag, for example a clutch bag and high heels or sandals. An elegant coat may also be useful. You can leave your hair loose or slightly braided, but if you want to make your outfit more formal, it's better to pin it up. Our proposal is A short Joyful Time dress with a delicate floral pattern. You can add nude accessories to it, or choose colorful elements that match the pattern - for example orange high-heeled sandals. A dress for a youth wedding will make you feel light and look captivating, but do not forget about elegant accessories.


If you want to correct any imperfections of your figure with a dress, this is your chance. What dress for a wedding for a short person? It can be either short , or single-color to the cube. The lack of a neckline will lengthen the figure, and a cut in the skirt will optically lengthen the legs. Of course, we cannot forget about high heels or high heels in this case. For example, a good choice for a shorter person would be dress with broken sleeve .

What wedding dress for the plump? For example, envelope dresses, loose fitting dresses that cut below the breasts, or tied at the waist. For example, a good choice would be a long dress with a tie , which will give everyone the freedom to play. Fluffy people may want to forgo very flashy colors and patterns.

Do you have wide hips? What wedding dress will suit you? It depends whether you want to highlight or mask them. You can wear a flared dress or a dress that expands under the breasts, which will effectively mask the width of the hips. Here, for example, our fitted dress can work well. If we wear our wide hips with pride, we can try a tight dress in darker colors that will emphasize our feminine figure.


If we go to a wedding party in the fall, we don't have to give up the dress. Long dresses will be good, under which we can hide stockings more easily. We must also take into account how the coat or other outerwear will fit the dress. Therefore, tighter, straight-cut dresses with or without narrow sleeves will be best. However, let's prepare for the possibility that, although it may be chilly during the ceremony, we will be hot in the wedding hall, especially when having fun.So let's not wear turtleneck dresses despite the cold weather, but rather put on a warm coat and shawl for the ceremony before the party

If you are ready to choose your dream dress for the wedding, we invite you to our dresses-news !

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