The weather this fall spoils us exceptionally. It is a pity not to take advantage of the opportunity on the last warm and sunny days of this year and not bet on airy dresses. In our new World of Wonders collection you will find over a dozen unique models of autumn dresses, distinguished by unique patterns.

We have prepared a few styles for you with our favorite models of dresses :)


The first suggestion is something for rebellious romantics. The Lullaby mini dress is distinguished not only by an expressive floral print, but also by flared sleeves, reminiscent of hippie outfits. We would wear maroon martens, thick socks and a loose, warm, cream-colored sweater. However, if you prefer a more classic look, put on ankle boots or ballerinas and a simple coat.


Stars are one of our favorite themes in this collection. They found their way to 3 models of dresses. We most willingly wear them with rock nonchalance, putting on heavy workers, a beanie hat and cute socks. A handbag with a starry sky motif and delicate jewelery will complete this outfit.


Airy midi dress with a tie at the waist is one of our absolute favorites. Feminine print with delicate flowers makes it enough to choose classic accessories to create an extraordinary look. A simple Stardust fleece coat, your favorite ankle boots and a small purse tied around the waist are our perfect look for autumn days.


The last proposal is an airy Naked Eye dress distinguished by decorative frills, among others at the neckline and waist. Perfect for autumn days, not only in the city, but also on the go. Put on hiking boots and thick knee socks, throw your backpack over your shoulder and set off to discover the unknown.

How do you like to wear dresses? More nonchalant, with an oversize sweater that can be wrapped around on cloudy days, or more elegant, with a classic coat and boots? We are waiting for your stylizations, tag us with #naokogirls.

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