Poradnik Zakupowy - jakie okazje warto upolować na Black Friday 2022?

Shopping guide - what occasions should be hunted on Black Friday 2021?

The biggest promotions and real shopping madness soon! Black Friday 2021 on November 26. Especially for this occasion, we have prepared for you a list of timeless models that are worth hunting at a good price - they will certainly not go out of fashion in the next season!

Jak ubrać się na chrzciny? Porady od NAOKO

How to dress for a christening party? Tips from NAOKO

Spring and summer are a hot time not only in terms of weather, but also family events. Weddings, communions, baptisms - there are many occasions. However, each such occasion is usually associated with the question "what exactly should I wear?". We will help you in this challenge and tell you what is the right dress code for an event such as a christening.