Jak nosić letnie sukienki jesienią?

Jak nosić letnie sukienki jesienią?

Wraz z nadejściem chłodów chowasz letnie sukienki na dno szafy? To błąd – przeznaczone typowo na lato fasony możesz z powodzeniem nosić także jesienią. Wystarczy wiedzieć, z czym je połączyć, aby wyglądać stylowo i nie zmarznąć. Poznaj nasze propozycje jesiennych stylizacji z wykorzystaniem letnich sukienek!
Takie same ubrania dla mamy i córki? Jesteśmy na tak!

Same clothes for mom and daughter? We are for yes!

Your little daughter envies your dresses, shoes and bags? Does it happen that it takes your clothes from your wardrobe and creates fancy styles from them? Well, yes, but it will not go anywhere in them - not only for fashion reasons, but also for safety. 😉 That's why we have a way - the same outfits for mother and daughter. See what it is.
Jak się ubrać na komunię

How to dress for communion

Do you smell spring already? When you admire the first tree buds, blooming daffodils and primroses, you will surely feel the mood for spring dresses and ... going out! Fortunately, spring is the time of many unforgettable events. We mean, of course, weddings and communions. Today we will show you some reliable styles for this second celebration. How to dress for communion? Keep reading!
Jaka sukienka dla świadkowej i druhen?

What dress for the maid of honor and bridesmaids?

Which bridesmaid and maid of honor dress would be appropriate? What are the latest trends and universal ways to feel great during the wedding and reception? Discover our tips!

Sukienka na wesele - 7 propozycji w różnych stylach

Dress for a wedding - 7 proposals in various styles

A wedding is not an option for a 2-hour meeting - it is even a dozen or so hours of dancing, having fun and eating. The perfect dress for a wedding needs to suit all these activities.

Sukienka hiszpanka - jakie dodatki dobrać do niej?

Spanish dress - what accessories to choose for her?

Associated with Spanish sex appeal and romance, the off-the-shoulder neckline is called Spanish - and this is how we find Spanish blouses, Spanish jumpsuits and Spanish dresses.