Jak ubrać się na chrzciny? Porady od NAOKO

How to dress for a christening party? Tips from NAOKO

Spring and summer are a hot time not only in terms of weather, but also family events. Weddings, communions, baptisms - there are many occasions. However, each such occasion is usually associated with the question "what exactly should I wear?". We will help you in this challenge and tell you what is the right dress code for an event such as a christening.
Jak się ubrać na komunię

How to dress for communion

Do you smell spring already? When you admire the first tree buds, blooming daffodils and primroses, you will surely feel the mood for spring dresses and ... going out! Fortunately, spring is the time of many unforgettable events. We mean, of course, weddings and communions. Today we will show you some reliable styles for this second celebration. How to dress for communion? Keep reading!