Jak nosić letnie sukienki jesienią?

Jak nosić letnie sukienki jesienią?

Wraz z nadejściem chłodów chowasz letnie sukienki na dno szafy? To błąd – przeznaczone typowo na lato fasony możesz z powodzeniem nosić także jesienią. Wystarczy wiedzieć, z czym je połączyć, aby wyglądać stylowo i nie zmarznąć. Poznaj nasze propozycje jesiennych stylizacji z wykorzystaniem letnich sukienek!
Co, jeśli nie sukienka? Te stylizacje ze spodniami na imprezę Cię zachwycą!

What if not the dress? These outfits with pants for the party will delight you!

Are you going to a party, special meeting, party? Your first styling thought is a dress? No wonder, it's a perfect choice for a party and extremely feminine. What if you can also emphasize your femininity in another way? What if you can look stylish and original, but not necessarily choosing a dress? Check out our proposals and see that in fashion it is sometimes worth making less obvious choices!

Takie same ubrania dla mamy i córki? Jesteśmy na tak!

Same clothes for mom and daughter? We are for yes!

Your little daughter envies your dresses, shoes and bags? Does it happen that it takes your clothes from your wardrobe and creates fancy styles from them? Well, yes, but it will not go anywhere in them - not only for fashion reasons, but also for safety. 😉 That's why we have a way - the same outfits for mother and daughter. See what it is.
Jak ubrać się na chrzciny? Porady od NAOKO

How to dress for a christening party? Tips from NAOKO

Spring and summer are a hot time not only in terms of weather, but also family events. Weddings, communions, baptisms - there are many occasions. However, each such occasion is usually associated with the question "what exactly should I wear?". We will help you in this challenge and tell you what is the right dress code for an event such as a christening.
Jaka sukienka na Sylwestra? Modele, dzięki którym zabłyszczysz!

What dress for New Year's Eve? Models that will make you shine!

The question "what should I wear for New Year's Eve?" has been accompanying women for years. Instead of brooding, check out the list of the most fashionable proposals, which - beware, they do not have to be based only on sequins! The New Year can also be welcomed in more airy, openwork proposals, dresses with a floral motif, and the traditional little black dress - replaced with a dusty pink model. You will also use them for other occasions! Check out our most beautiful dresses for New Year's Eve!

Moro 4ever, czyli jesienne wypady za miasto

Moro 4ever, or autumn trips outside the city

Have you been thinking lately that with the end of summer holidays the opportunities for out-of-town trips will also end? Nothing could be more wrong, we guarantee that this year the golden Polish autumn will be added and we will certainly spend more than one weekend in nature.

And for a successful trip outside the city, it is worth packing your head - not only practically, but also so that when you look in the mirror, you will see the delight on your face! Camo clothes for girls will surely guarantee this feeling.

Camo clothes for girls - this season's hit!

Until recently, camo clothes were associated primarily with the world of men, but for several years, women's camo clothes have been conquering the world of fashion.

Before we get into the topic of how to create camo stylizations, it is worth finding out what a camo pattern looks like. They are just tiny spots in colors reminiscent of the forest landscape: dark green and brown. The primary task of camouflage clothes was to be masking in the field. That is why we find camo clothes in the army. Today, however, the camo pattern has made its way into the civilian world. What is worth remembering - due to its original character - camo styling attracts rebellious people who go their own ways, independent and (contrary to the original, masking role) who like to stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to camo clothes for girls - we can most often find them in sports and casual outfits. However, trends like to evolve and constantly change, so nothing prevents the camo pattern from decorating dresses or shirts.

Styling with a camo jacket - perfect for a city break

fall jackets will be an irreplaceable element of your weekend wardrobe. Light and airy, they are perfect for a walk to the park, a quick shopping trip, or even a mountain hike. Capacious pockets will fit all the small things, without which neither of us will leave the house :)

Among women's jackets for fall, those with a camo print are especially popular. In women's styling with a camo jacket, pay special attention to the other colors. Moro, as a rather characteristic print, is very fond of black and white - two classic colors that also look great in autumn. Match the camo jacket with pants , in which hiking in the woods will be really comfortable. Our favorite are the Powerpuff Girls track pants . Thanks to the elastic waistband and capacious pockets on the trail, you will feel 100% comfortable!

A trip to the city is conducive to off-road games. Therefore, if, like a soldier in the field, you want to remain unnoticed during the stalks - when styling with a camo jacket, choose the green Nature Lover sweatpants or the mint Minty Memories sweatpants.

What other pants colors match the camouflage outfit? The Cinnamon flared pants will match this pattern perfectly. Their beautiful, autumn red color is a must have every autumn! These pants complement the camo look not only during trips outside the city, but also as a casual work outfit.

Before you start creating your outfit with a camo jacket, take a look at the possible cuts for fall jackets. This season, parka jackets are especially fashionable. We recommend this cut to all active girls who value comfort and convenience as much as fashion. Interestingly, the parka jacket was originally an integral part of the wardrobe of US soldiers. It gained its popularity in the 1940s. Over time, designers began to create parkas also in women's version.As you can see, the camo parka has a good justification! Before shopping, also check what to buy an autumn jacket

Camo pants - women's stylizations for those who like nature

Camouflage pants and women's outfits open up a wide variety of possibilities. Be sure to take the camo trousers with you for a weekend outside the city. They're comfy and look great! What to choose for them?

For styling with camouflage trousers for colder days, choose Stella long vest . Classic black goes well with the camo pattern and other clothes. Its cut fits almost every figure. Long vests are a must-have of the fall season - they will make any styling look more characterful, and even the most chilly people will love autumn evenings and mornings!

Should camouflage clothes always be combined with subdued colors and patterns? Not necessarily! You can combine styles with camouflage pants with the Create Yourself bomber . Moro is a role model that the rebels love. This type of jacket was also created for them. Combined, patchwork patterns and natural colors in combination with camo clothes will show what's playing in your soul even more! Just express yourself this fall!

Sporty camo clothes for girls can look amazing! This will be the case when you pair the camo pants with the Inca hoodie. Ethnic pattern and energetic colors make it the best companion for autumn adventures! But most importantly - in this sweatshirt you will certainly not fear the autumn chill.

A different look at the moro styling

And when the weekend is over and you have to go back to everyday life ... Camo clothes can still accompany us. Military urban jackets work just as well! Combine them with jeans and ... Would you dare to wear a military jacket with high heels? For us, such a set is a real hit!

Camo clothes are not only parkas and pants. Fashion for camo goes beyond the usual patterns, so an interesting proposition is styling with a camo dress. Such a combination of ultra-feminine clothes with a men's print will surely attract attention! When styling with a camo dress, remember about appropriate accessories . In the casual version, match it with white sneakers and a large sports watch. On the other hand, for a special occasion in styling with a camo dress, don't forget about high heels and gold jewelry, which goes well with military print.

How about a ladies outfit with a camo shirt? A shirt with this print is especially strongly associated with the male world. However, if you like breaking stereotypes and you know that the power of femininity will always defend itself - this type of camo clothes will be a bull's eye!

Also remember that camo stylizations can include simply additions with this print. Accessories with a military pattern - handbags, hairbands or shoes are a perfect idea for autumn. Camouflage shoes especially stole our hearts. You can match most casual clothes to styling with camo sneakers. They fit perfectly with classic jeans and t-shirts. In turn, when styling with camo boots on the post, be sure to include elegant pants and classic Little Things coat with a uniform, smoky, slightly mysterious color.

Camo styling - you have to remember about that!

You may like Moro or not, but this characteristic pattern will not leave anyone indifferent!

If your heart beats when seeing camouflage clothes, you need to remember a few simple rules. If you are not playing stalking in the woods, give up the camo total look.This expressive pattern does not like exaggeration - so if you do not care about camouflage - compose it with other colors

You can afford a lot in women's camo styling, but if you are not sure if your idea is really good, choose safe color combinations. Rather subdued colors go well with camo clothes. Black, white, brown, beige and, of course, khaki will definitely not "bite". If, on the other hand, you dream of a stronger accent with women's camo clothes, combine them with expressive red, pink and yellow.

What about other patterns in camo styling? Does military print like with others? Yes, but we recommend that you be especially careful here. Moro, as a very expressive pattern, strongly dominates. Combining it with clothes of an equally expressive character can make the whole outfit not very harmonious. So discard the checkered pattern and colorful floral patterns.

Moro has been with us for several seasons and is still on top. You can combine them with the timeless black that most of us have in our wardrobes, with expressive colors such as sharp oranges or girls' dresses and wellies. The universality of military motifs has been discovered and appreciated by many celebrities and models who wear parkas for various styles, both for sports and more elegant ones. You can choose both mustard boots and galoshes, and no bloat will be terrible for you. Be sure to show off your ideas for camo styling!

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