Your little daughter envies your dresses, shoes and bags? Does it happen that it takes your clothes from your wardrobe and creates fancy styles from them? Well, yes, but it will not go anywhere in them - not only for fashion reasons, but also for safety. 😉 That's why we have a way - the same outfits for mother and daughter. See what it is.

Same clothes for mom and daughter - why is it worth it?

Recently, we have been presenting clothes for mother and daughter in our offer - we know perfectly well that you also liked these sets. What is your daughter most likely to reach into your wardrobe for? We are almost certain that after dresses !

Airy dresses in interesting patterns, eye-catching colors and original cuts are a strong element of all our collections. No wonder that girls also want to wear them and be beautiful like their mothers.

The same clothes for mother and daughter can further tighten the bond between you. We know something about it because we are moms ourselves. 😉 Additionally, paired outfits are a source of great fun.

In such stylizations you can organize a photo session, shine at a party, attract the attention of passers-by on the street - you will certainly not go unnoticed. Clothes for mother and daughter - the same outfits really hit the bull's eye!

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Matching dresses for mom and daughter

Garden parties, weddings, birthdays, communions and baptisms - there are many occasions to put on identical dresses for mother and daughter. That is why the Naoko collections for girls .

are so important to us.

There you can find dresses matching our best-selling models. You already have Emerald Dream in your wardrobe? That's great. Now your child can also have a mini version. Put them on at the same time and be happy together that you have the same dresses for mom and daughter.

S girl's target Emerald Dream is a model in which every girl will feel at ease, will be able to run, dance and sing. In addition, it will look really cute, especially by your side. The same dresses for mother and daughter will emphasize your similarity even more.

Dresses for mothers and daughters - the same styles will be a source of joy for you. You will see the gleam in your daughter's eye, her smile and pride that she is even more like you. You will not forget it for the rest of your life!

Dresses for mom and daughter for the wedding

Are you going to a wedding together? This is your first big exit? Do you want to take care of comfortable, but also fashionable outfits for yourself and your daughter? Check out our proposals for mother and daughter dresses for the wedding.

S girl's target Blooming Flower is a model that will surely appeal to your little companion. Beautiful flowers, as if they had just bloomed on a wonderful peach fabric, will give your baby girl charm and a hint of elegance.

You will delight in matching your child Midi dress with frill Blooming Flower . It is a model with beautiful airy sleeves finished with a frill, an interesting V-shaped neckline and an amazing floral motif - which is simply a perfect outfit for a party.

Dresses for mothers and daughters must be not only beautiful but also comfortable. After all, we want the best for our child and you certainly also want to take care of its comfort.

A proposal that will work for this type of occasion will also be Golden Sun dress for a girl made of delicate muslin Your daughter will love it for its free material and beautiful energetic color. It will look like a little sun in it. 😊

In our collections we like to prove that dresses for special occasions can be original, stylish, fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

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Same clothes for mother and daughter - for what other occasions?

Fashionable clothes for mothers and daughters are not only dresses for big events. You can also wear matching outfits every day - after all, even going shopping can be stylish. 😊

Matching mother and daughter clothes are the main premise of our Shapes Of Love collection. Although this romantic and touching collection is mainly dresses, we also focused on elastic bands scrunchie .

Charming scrunchies will complete your stylizations - it is an interesting addition that matches the rest of the collection, but also provokes fun. Your daughter asks you to make her first braid in her life? Or maybe you will sit on her hairdressing chair today? With our scrunchie elastics, fun and perfectly tailored styling are guaranteed!

You can wear elastic bands with dresses in the same patterns and colors - you will surely arouse a sensation on the playground. 😉

Playing with fashion will make you enjoy every moment together, the one wearing beautiful dresses, and the one when you do not even notice that it is late and cold enough to put on something warm. At such moments, identical clothes for mother and daughter take on a new meaning.

These types of moments are extremely important to us, they confirm that our store with clothes for mothers and daughters can bring joy to you and your child. Thank you for that! 😊

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