Black Friday a Cyber ​​Monday - how are they different? Both shopping holidays are a great opportunity to refresh their wardrobe, but not only! While Black Friday has been focused only on stationary stores, Cyber ​​Monday is a nod to online shopping. Currently, however, the border is strongly blurred and November promotions include not only individual days, but for weeks and months. However, not in the length of the promotion it is a thing! The most important thing is what she brings for ...

Cyber ​​Monday 2021 - Occasions to refresh your wardrobe

Preparations for sales opportunities, it is worth starting by organizing your current wardrobe and thinking about what is really missing in our wardrobe. Don't move without it! We have already mentioned how to be ready for Black Friday in the previous article you will find here. Treat the sales festival as an opportunity to refresh your autumn-winter wardrobe. Sweaters, woolen coats or quilted jackets are the most expensive, and during the promotion you can hunt them at good prices. If you have focused on conservative stylizations so far, Cyber ​​Monday is a great opportunity to reach for new trends. A patterned jacket, a colorful sweatshirt set, or maybe a coat in which you won't go unnoticed on the street? You can safely start experimenting with fashion without worrying about overpaying! Especially that right now you have the best opportunity.

Cyber ​​Monday - an opportunity to complement the summer wardrobe

Is there a better time to complement the summer wardrobe than the largest sale in the year? Without leaving home, on a comfortable sofa you can browse the offers of several stores at the same time. Most of them also overestimate the discount offer typically for the spring-summer season. This is a good time to surprise with new and timeless stylizations next year. You can be sure that some elements will not fall out of summer trends, and Cyber ​​Monday is the last day of such big discounts.

Our type 1 - mini dress

Let's not hide, dresses are always a good idea! Especially that the Mini version models can accompany you on many occasions. A date with a beloved, a trip to frozen coffee with a friend, going to a summer festival, or maybe a family event in the open air? The dress completely solves the problem of complete stylization - it is enough to choose the right accessories. To give the dress a more elegant character, put on nude heels, a small bag and a longer cut jacket. And every day? Denim jacket, sneakers and nonchalantly imposed backpack on the shoulder.

Our type 2 - Maxi dress

Even more elegance? Bet on maxi cut dresses! Models do not lose their popularity in the next season, they match every figure and can be styled in many ways. Choose delicate Roman sandals when you need a comfortable outfit. Complete a dress with a higher heel footwear to slim the figure even more and add a few centimeters. PSSST! Remember that the dresses you have associated only with a summer wardrobe so far, you can easily wear all year round! Long boots over the knee, a spacious sweater imposed on the shoulders and a classic coat with a binding at the waist - it sounds really good!

Our type 3 - denim jacket

This is an absolute must have in every wardrobe. The summer denim jacket will always be useful and at the same time will always be fashionable. Therefore, do not miss the last day of the opportunity, i.e. Cyber ​​Monday 2021. As we mentioned in the previous article, the key to successful shopping is to complete the wardrobe to easily create ready sets. Thanks to this, we solve the morning dilemmas and do not think for a long time "what to put on?" A denim jacket is exactly such an element! It works great with virtually all clothes - from dresses, through classic jeans, and ending with tracksuits.

Our type 4 - skirts

Floristic prints? We are definitely yes! Flower skirts are a very feminine piece of clothing that is worth having in your wardrobe in the upcoming spring. Or maybe your traveling spirit will bear you before the holidays on a long journey? If you choose an exotic destination ... then the summer wardrobe will be even more advisable, and the skirt will not take up much space in the suitcase :)

Our type 5 - t -shirts

A classic t-shirt, but in a new, colorful setting? This is always a good idea. Especially that t -shirts never enough in a women's wardrobe. Let's not hide, we wear them for every casual and sports styling. But the t-shirt from the new "This Girl Can" collection is really something! Small images of small superheroes will definitely give you Power to action.

Until the last moment for shopping with a discount to -80%. It would be a pity that you miss the last day of the promotion! Check what we thought about on you on

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