This is undoubtedly the most anticipated collection of this year at NAOKO! We must admit that we made you wait a long time for the third meeting with the Powerpuff Girls, but we are sure that the new collection will reward you!

The future is ours!

Fairy Tale, Fight and Brawurka stole your hearts! These three little and hit girls show how to face adversities every day and try to make our world a better place! Therefore, when designing a new atomic collection, we kept in mind that The future is worth the fight!

This time we will surprise you not only with vibrant colors, but also crazy prints that will give you energy and self-confidence! In the new collection you will find patterned jackets, original coats in which the main element that attracts attention will be a combination of unusual materials and textures! There will also be our bestsellers, i.e. comfortable tracksuits, which will reflect each of the three Powerpuff Girls in color and pattern! We have also not forgotten about the girls who prefer dresses to tracksuits! We have something for you!

By buying clothes from the Powerpuff Girls collection, you support the Kosmos for Girls Foundation, which helps to change the lives of girls in Poland for the better and solve the problems that they face every day growing up. Thanks to this, not only the World is open to them, but also the entire Cosmos!

The premiere of the newest collection The future is worth the fight today!

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