Iceland is a very fashionable destination lately, it is not too far from us, and the ticket offers are really tempting. We ourselves decided to go very spontaneously. Without much thought, we bought promotional tickets and waited, actually until the last day, with planning, because we like to travel without a plan. We like to wander and sleep wherever we like. It was the first mistake. When I started planning it was very late, I wanted to find out more or less what route we would be able to cover in 3/4 days.

First of all, it turned out that the island may not be big, but there aren't many roads either. We had to decide on a specific part. It fell on the central and southern sides. There are wonderful glaciers with which I fell in love, a national park and an infinite number of breathtaking views.

I knew we were landing in Reykjavik. I knew we would be there around 6pm so I didn't want to plan a long tour for the first day. From what I was able to see, one of the most pleasant attractions around the capital are the hot springs, or rather the SPA center - BLUE LAGOON. I read that it is worth booking a place there, so I quickly clicked on their website and the first disappointment and minus of late planning. There are no seats for at least a week ahead. So I gave up quickly and decided to find a nice hotel on the route I had marked earlier. Here, another surprise met me. We are the types of travelers who view an infinite amount of documents before the trip and read books describing local communities, culture and cuisine. We are not, however, "planners". We usually book accommodation on site or possibly one day in advance. It turned out that Iceland is so crowded with tourists that our free hiking plan is completely out of place. Most of the hotels were booked and the ones we had to choose from were just terribly expensive or out of the way. Honestly, I was a bit panicked at this point! I did not give up and looked for the best options until the morning before departure. I was able to find a hotel in Selfoss (near Reykjavik), then in Hófn (near Glacier Lagoon), and finally in Gulfoss (in Thinkvellir National Park). Thus, I have already chosen the route and the exact places we are to see.

We thought we were flying to Reykjavik. Only on the day of departure, when we were still checking all reservations, it turned out that we had the car to pick up in Keflavik. How is that? So we have to take some kind of transport from the airport, which of course we did not organize, over 50 kilometers? Of course not. It turned out that the international airport is located in Keflavik, so on the first day we won't even pass through Reykjavik. It is worth knowing, probably every organized person would notice it at the stage of buying a ticket. This is a tip for those from a completely different planet, like us :)

After landing, another very interesting thing, we called our rental company and we were welcomed by a Pole. Generally, Poles are the strongest group of immigrants in Iceland, so it's easy to meet, literally everywhere. We quickly picked up the car and headed for Selfoss. When renting a car, we got tips about a sandstorm (apparently it happens every day, we were (not) lucky to have the opportunity to survive it), strong winds that break the door and a list of roads that we cannot enter. With this information and everything I could learn, we went straight to the supermarket: P We had to buy something to eat, and I knew that eating in restaurants would be very expensive.

On the way to Selfoss we went to see the Blue Lagoon and to be honest I didn't regret that we didn't manage to get a ticket that cost over $ 85 Indeed, the place is beautiful but so full that I'm not sure if it is possible there rest. On the other hand, everything around the SPA, i.e. the lava fields covered with moss, made me almost crazy with the experience. It is an indescribable sight, you have to experience it live. We also had this wonderful possibility that we just hit the sunset. Something incredible.

After less than an hour's drive we got to Selfoss, it is a tiny town, we spent the night in a nice Guesthouse, and in the morning we woke up refreshed and ready to explore Iceland further.

We were welcomed by snow but it did not discourage us at all. We set off on a route along the southern coast. The landscapes we passed took up almost all my phone memory (over 60 GB: P)

We arrived at Seljavellir Guesthouse late in the evening. It was already dark, so the only thing that charmed us was a really beautiful hotel. In the morning we woke up and, revealing the curtains, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. We found this hotel at the foot of a wonderful mountain range and the weather that day is more than perfect!

We came back on the route through Glacier Lagoon, where we stopped for a while. I have never seen a glacier before, and what I saw exceeded my wildest expectations.

We were driving slowly to Gulfoss, and when we finally got there, another delightful surprise met us. A WONDERFUL hotel on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere. We went to the hotel restaurant for a small appetizer and a glass of wine. As I walked past the reception desk, I noticed a gentleman with very professional photographic equipment.

You must know that when I was going to Iceland I was talking about the Northern Lights the whole time. I knew we had little chance of seeing it, but I had high hopes that we would make it. When I mentioned to Jacek that today the conditions were perfect for Aurora, he asked the hotel staff what they thought. They told us that the Aurora had been gone for weeks and that it was a little late. However, I did not give up and after finishing dinner, I put on two sweatshirts and a jacket and I went outside the hotel with the man with the camera.

Honestly, I don't know what we deserved but the Aurora appeared. I don't think I need to describe my excitement to you. I was jumping like crazy and the experience itself is unmatched by any other!

On the last day we saw Gulfoss waterfall and most of Thinkvellir Park with geysers. At the end we drove to Reykjavik for a while and returned to the airport.

If I had to say where, from the places we have seen so far, Iceland is definitely in the first place. I still dream about what I saw there. I wish you all to see this wonderful country. And if someone was already interested in it, I am curious if you were also delighted, just like us?


There is a good offer for tickets, maybe someone will be able to hunt them down. <3


I recommend @sorelleamore on ista and her YouTube channel


https: // / 2ovuWsf


In order from Selfoss: Seljaladsfoss - waterfall

Skógafoss - waterfall


Reynisfjara - black beach

Misteczko Vik



Jókulsarlón - Glacier Lagoos

Diamond beach

Gullfoss - waterfall

Pingvellir - National park + geysers


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