This season we decided to share with you our great love for dogs. As every year, at this time, we prepare warm materials for blankets, we move the wardrobes in search of useless pillows and we give all this nicely packed to our wonderful friends from shelters!

This time we thought that the real strength lies in a large group and we decided to create a special line of "True Friend" T-shirts, which are to help us raise funds for the purchase of delicious, high-quality food, which we will give to selected institutions at the end of the year. Together we can do more, each t-shirt you buy is as much as 2 kg of food for the most needy dogs!

The feed we collect will go to the Łódź shelter at Marmurowa Street and to the Unwanted and Forgotten Foundation! The more we manage to collect, the more outposts we will give.

At the end of the year, just before the holidays, we will share the results with you and you will be able to share with us (virtually on instastors) the karma collected with your joint efforts! <3

We also encourage you to give local shelters what you can, these places accept any help, it is best to call and find out what they need most at this moment. Maybe instead of a company going out for a drink, organize a collection and bring the dogs to help.

Only thanks to joint action we can achieve success <3
Many of you have already joined our campaign, for which we would like to thank you! <3

% m% d,% r — Marketing Naoko