The new spring season is the perfect time to remind yourself of the strength and enormous energy that has been dormant in us during the long winter months at home! Let us remind ourselves of the wildness of our heart that wants to open up again to new adventures and conquering the world! If not now, when will it be a good time?

The latest collection of Wild At Heart is inspired by freedom and love for wild nature. It awakens our courage for what is new and unknown and encourages us to make bold decisions and implement ideas that we have long hidden in our hearts. It is full of feminine, floral patterns, which, although at first glance are delicate and subtle, hide great power and strength! Join us on a journey to unique Tenerife, see the new collection and discover your wild nature!


In the Wild At Heart collection, we have prepared 20 unique dresses for you that will wake you up, to refresh your wardrobe after winter and prepare it for spring - summer months. You will find in it beloved patterns known from previous collections, such as the Sunset Walk shirt dress and some completely new ones that will surely be associated with unforgettable moments spent in the warm rays of the sun.

A feminine Spanish dress will perfectly display the neckline and shoulders, the boho model with slits will appeal to those girls who appreciate original forms, and the dress with a binding on the sleeves will catch the eye of those who remain faithful to classic forms, because they will be a great base for multiple styles.


Collection Wild At Heart is just a small preview of what's ahead! See what we have prepared for you and make your desire for more!

Collection is now available >> CLICK! <<

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