As every year, we approach this point of the year, when we need to replace our wardrobe and put aside all summer stylizations, replacing them with top autumn collections and down jackets.

This season will be full of comfort, but also exceptionally with colors, patterns and unusual combinations.

The grille will reign, symbolizing a return to the 70s. Animal prints, often mistakenly associated with embarrassment, but it is enough to observe the style of street fashion and learn how to combine them to make it stylish. Also, embroidery will not leave us for a long time. Cosmos, futurism and graphic patterns associated with the future - we can be equally sure about that!

From the colors, we will be able to admire vivid reds and pinks, which at first glance may seem very obvious to us, but you can't be fooled! Contrary to appearances, these are quite difficult colors that cannot be overdone! In addition, the classic shades of green, brown and black for this period. But also let's be ready for the "new black" - NAVY. We can confidently say that it will be the most fashionable color for the Fall / Winter 2017/2018 season. What do you say? Do you like this trend?

1. Cozy and soft! Warm sweaters and ponchos - almost all of us love them. You will not take such cozy fabrics with us. Be ready :)

This is just a handful of fall outfits involving poncho. What would your suggestions be?

2. Nature and YOU!

Nowadays and in good mood for the cyber world, each of us would like to take a breath from time to time and get in touch with nature. The flower boom will let you! These are prints that have not come off the wallpaper for several seasons. Less colorful, in more subdued colors, but still fashionable. See for yourself :)

3. Classic above all

We remember that classic styles and colors will always be fashionable. Following this, we have prepared a coat for you, in which we believe that you will fall in love as much as we do! Isn't it beautiful? We can't wait for the first falling leaves to create phenomenal stylizations with his participation.

4. Oversize T-shirt

A great alternative for colder days. Let's take care of our health and look great at the same time. Why not? A long T-shirt with a statement from us! Perfect for a sports set, as well as for breaking classic styles.


We have cut the long version of the Bomber Jacket! What's better ... Down and warm. We can't wait for the first colder temperatures to appear on the thermometers ... Yes, it's for sure that we went crazy! But you will understand, as soon as you try on the Bomber down jacket from the new NAOKO x EG collection :)
We are sure that you will like it.

6. Short quilted coat vs Long puffer coat

A down jacket is for most of us the opposite of a fashionable hat. If we want to look stylish, we choose coats or short jackets. We, however, want to meet your needs, we have prepared both options. Which of them suits you better?
A down coat with large pockets? Or maybe a short down quilted coat? Let me know in the comments.

7. The inscription on top!

Express yourself! Clothes that "say" don't go out of style! We can still admire models that are like a book or a written blackboard. The quotes immortalized on them can tell you more than you think. How do you view this trend?

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