Unleash your energy accumulated during all winter months spent at home! The upcoming spring is the best time to say goodbye to gray-brown memories from the lockdown time and come back to life with redoubled strength! Show the world that you can do anything and nothing can stop you from reaching your goal!


Meet the collection inspired by the magical aura of strong and ready to act women! Which, despite unexpected difficulties, can turn every hard moment into a positive lesson! NAOKO girl tries to find a way out of every situation, remembering that only she is able to set her limits!

In the latest projects you will definitely stand out from the crowd and attract attention! Thanks to them, you will start a new season with energy to act and the conviction that the world is open to you! Unique, floral prints, energetic colors and unique details in the spirit of Color Blocking , this is the essence of the new collection!


This mysterious name hides a way to combine colors that seemingly do not match. And when combined with each other, they create a unique whole! In such stylizations, we can combine colors in two ways. Geometrically, juxtaposing elements of different colors, e.g. flame red with candy pink. Or monochrome, combining different shades of the same color, e.g. bottle green with a dim shade.

Such bold combinations of colors are the hallmark of our new collection! It is dominated not only by NAOKO's bestsellers known for many seasons - envelope, flared dresses, denim jackets in bold patterns or the well-liked tracksuits! There will also be new forms, light and airy dresses or unique blouses for every occasion! The long-awaited jeans will also be included in the collection! In such clothes, you will be ready for new, bold adventures!

The latest collection supports the unique One Day Foundation, which helps young people from orphanages and care facilities enter adult life. The Foundation supports not only their education, but also helps them prepare for a safe start into the future! Importantly, it gives young people hope and helps them believe that dreams can come true! Each purchase is a support for the One Day Foundation in the implementation of vocational courses for young people becoming independent.

The premiere of the YOU ARE MAGIC collection on March 8! Stay tuned!

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