Nature has always been our greatest inspiration. It is she who encourages us to make more and more beautiful places, intrigues us with its mystery, allows us to break away from everyday life and ... put it at ease. The new Shades of Nature collection was created for long winter walks in snow-covered forests and out of town trips.

We are aware of the impact our industry has on the environment and we want to give nature what we take from it. Inspired by the many changes for the better that are taking place every day in our environment, we decided to create the Plant a tree action. We want to plant a new, unique forest with you.

Trees are one of the most beautiful elements of the landscapes that surround us. Year after year, we observe their colorful metamorphosis, from delicate spring leaves, through greens, yellows and reds, to the raw appearance of winter branches covered with snow. However, it is worth knowing what trees actually do, because they play a huge role in the processes of air purification. One large, deciduous tree can absorb as much carbon dioxide as two households can produce. Trees also clean the air of many other pollutants and pollen, retain rainwater, and have a huge impact on our health and well-being;)

Scientists have proven many times that walking in wooded areas brings health benefits for us. Trees emit various oils, inhalation of which affects our body, but not only;) Did you know that hiking in the forest reduces the level of stress and aggression? Walks outside the city should be on our to-do list every weekend. Sounds like a plan, right?

Our forest will be built in the Dobieszyn forest district in the place of the cleared forest areas there. Each jacket sold from our new Shades of Nature collection is one tree planted.

Join us and inspire others! Together we will create something special!

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