Nature is our infinite source of inspiration, it can delight us, it teaches us humility and respect. We are aware of the negative impact of the clothing industry on the environment, so this season, with your help, we will give back to nature what we take from it and plant the magical NAOKO forest.

Each sold jacket from the Shades of nature collection is one new tree in one of the forests in the Łódź Province. We did not expect this forest to be so large, we are very pleased that we will plant as many as 22,500 trees together! We cannot express our gratitude for how wonderfully you accepted our initiative.

Thank you wholeheartedly and we will share the results soon. <3 We are proud that we have achieved something so great together and, as we mentioned earlier, we are able to change reality together! Even the smallest steps or daily choices, repeated and implemented consistently, bring results. Let us not remain passive and let us take care of our planet because it is the most beautiful house we could dream of.

Remember that we, as a brand, choose knitted fabrics from Polish family companies, our polyesters come from recycling and we limit the use of foil to the maximum when packing. We recycle all cardboard and packaging and segregate waste. We want to make you sure that our products are a choice for people who are aware and committed to environmental protection.

We love our planet, we do not want to hurt it, if you have any idea what actions we should still take or in what next initiative we can get involved, write to us:

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