Ah spring, spring! The sun outside the window makes us optimistic and brings to mind carefree summer days. However, we will spend the nearest time quietly, in the privacy of our homes. However, this does not mean that we will be bored! A lot of relaxation, a lot of fun and a few challenges are our recipe for the coming days. Get to know 3 things that we will be doing in the coming days.

Spring wardrobe inspection

We know that rummaging in the wardrobe is not one of our favorite activities, especially if there is an artistic disorder in it, which should finally be put in order. But if not now, then when?

March is the perfect time to review your wardrobe, sort out the items we are going to wear this season, say goodbye to the things we don't wear, and make a scrap list. Remember that clothes that you do not wear can be given to the needy or sold on the Internet. Do not throw away clothes that are in good condition, they will certainly be used by someone else :)

The end of March abounds in many mid-season promotions, it is a good time to supplement your spring wardrobe with missing items. We have also prepared a special offer for you! On 19-22.03, as part of the DISCOUNT WEEKEND, you can shop at www.naoko-store.pl with a 22% discount. Just enter the code: TWOJE22 when finalizing your purchase. Note, the offer is combined with other promotions already in force on the website;)

View and organize PHOTOS

We all love to capture the moments spent with our loved ones, both the crazy and unexpected, as well as the planned ones, for which we have been preparing for a long time. Most of us have a lot of photos that we don't always have time to review and organize;) Maybe now you will find a moment for it?

Sit comfortably in an armchair, on a couch, on the floor or in any other place that is most convenient for you. If you can, gather other household members and arrange a photo show! You will surely find many shots that will make you laugh to tears, bring great memories and inspire you to further crazy plans.

PS: the graphics above reveal some of our upcoming news!

Home SPA for body and soul

A bit of relaxation is something that will surely be useful to each of us! In our daily rush, we sometimes forget that we first need to take care of ourselves to care for others :) In your free time, prepare a home SPA that will suit your needs. It can be a hot bath with beautifully scented oils, which you usually do not have time for, a comprehensive restoration of the radiance of your face, from peeling to a mask or simply a pedicure, which you usually wait until the first days when you put on spring sandals.

We like to look and feel beautiful! Let's also remember about well-being. A dozen or so minutes of meditation, disconnecting from the Internet for a while or talking to your loved ones will certainly have a positive effect on our mood. We know that the #naokogirls community is strong women, we hope that your well-being will be better and better every day;)

We spend the next few days at home, in a comfortable tracksuit, with loose hair and a cup of our favorite tea.

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