We decided to create a place for you where you will learn how we work, what inspires us and get to know our ideas for styling. We hope to help, inspire and interest you. Today we invite you to an entry about outfits with a coat in the lead role.

There is nothing more satisfying than tucking a winter down jacket deep in the closet and replacing it with a fresh spring coat. Our proposals are four models, in various color variants. Certainly, each of you will find something for yourself. Regardless of whether you choose a classic and subtle model with a double tie at the waist, or choose a double-breasted pattern with a fashionable statement on the back - each of our proposals will add flavor to your styling. If you follow trends, observe the surroundings and want to surprise with interesting solutions for a coat combination this season, we have several suggestions for you. Play a duet with spring with a pattern with a trendy floral accent or an apt slogan on the back.

We are all eager to wear "catwalk looks". Designers offer various patterns, from more classic ones to extravagant ones - with cutouts, jewelery accessories, patchwork fabric connections and many, many more.

A coat should have every woman in her wardrobe, it is an inseparable element of spring styling. It is such a magical part of our wardrobe that, well matched to your style, can perfectly match any styling. And yet the capsule wardrobe trend continues. If you don't know what it is yet, I'm already explaining ...

A capsule wardrobe is one that consists of few, possibly timeless, elements. These elements perfectly combine with each other, which gives many combinations adequate for various occasions. It is also easy to "refresh" such a wardrobe by adding items in line with current trends. The term was coined in the 70's and was promoted by Donna Karan, who in 1985 was the first to show the

capsule collection.

For example: capsule wardrobe must have: t-shirts / tops in subdued colors, white or black shirt, cardigan sweater / cardigan, elegant jacket and less formal blazer, simple cocktail dress (not necessarily black), favorite pants, jeans, black tubes or cigarillos as well as outerwear such as ramones, parka and coat, which will be perfect for colder days, e.g. such as today, when the weather likes to play tricks and surprise us.

Play with silence and create your own unique compositions. Inspire yourself and others! Remember that fashion likes you to play with it.

You can combine our coats with casual, elegant but also sporty outfits, don't be afraid to try.

You do not believe? See for yourself!

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