Winter does not let you forget about itself, sprinkling white down outside the window, and we want to make your waiting time for the first rays of spring sun in a new winter-spring collection pleasant. Take you to the world of dreams not only about distant travels, but also inspire you to discover new paths and previously unknown routes, which are full of all around you!

Waking up at dawn to watch the sunrise, walking around the city along unknown paths or shopping in a nearby market, which you always planned to visit, but never had time? Sounds exciting? These are just a few ideas on how to reawaken your desire to conquer the world and love to wander!

This was the thought that accompanied us in creating the collection Never lose your sense of wander ! Discover it with us and do not forget that every opportunity is good to gain new, great experiences, even in your immediate vicinity!

Walk and explore

Each trip in comfortable dresses or sweatpants sets from the premiere collection is a great opportunity to discover new places, look into even the smallest nooks and crannies, because each place can be a great start to a new adventure!

Wrap yourself and get

Wrapped in a warm sweater, you can travel even the farthest corners of your city. And when the first rays of sunlight appear, you'll be able to pair it with a spring skirt whose energizing colors will make you ready for new challenges!

Discover new paths for

Have you ever thought about changing the beaten path to a completely new one? Even on the way to work, you can change your daily route and check if there is something interesting waiting for you somewhere around the corner. Maybe a new cafe or mural that you've never seen before? In jackets from the new collection, even the weather will not be your excuse.

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