Women's dresses - the quintessence of femininity

A woman, beautiful, wise, resourceful, unique, and her dress is still the perfect duo today. Women's dresses are a tribute to femininity. At Naoko, we are well aware of this, which is why dresses are the core of all our collections.

The history of the dress is a fascinating story about primal needs, changing views on aesthetics, social changes and simply understanding femininity. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at it.

Dresses and dresses have been known since antiquity. At the beginning they were universal garments, and even today cuts from different eras for both sexes have been preserved. However, their perception and destiny have evolved over hundreds of years and are now actually unequivocally associated with women's clothing.

Of course, we all know that dresses of all kinds have appeared in history. Light and simple cuts, like a piece of a sheet, heavy, multi-layered corset dresses, up to the famous little black dress, which became a symbol of the interwar period.

Little black dress is still synonymous with unpretentious feminine elegance. The world first heard about her in 1926, when the famous Coco Chanel proudly posed on the cover of Vogue. The designer was then mourning her lover, Arthur "Boy" Capela, but over time the mourning nature of the little black dress began to blur.

A simple classic cut to the knee, the dominant black of silk fabric, all combined with a pearl necklace - no wonder that the little black dress turned into a true fashion icon.

Beautiful women's dresses are a dream come true for every woman, whenever she wants to feel special, she can choose one of our offer. Fashionable dresses are models that each of you would like to have in your wardrobe.

We know that it is important for you to be able to look and feel beautiful, unique and at the same time at ease. So see what fashionable women's dresses we offer you.

Elegant dresses for a great occasion

Since dresses are the essence of femininity, elegant dresses certainly play an important role in the lives of each of us. Do you often feel the need to dress up, make up, make a different hairstyle than usual, put on an elegant dress and leave the house? Even if you don't have any occasion for that?

The answer is probably yes, so elegant dresses in such situations will certainly be useful to you. It's worth making a day for yourself from time to time to look and feel like a million dollars.

Elegant women's dresses will prove themselves not only when you want to please yourself, but also for any larger or smaller occasion. Therefore, each of you should have not one, but many elegant women's dresses in your wardrobe.

Thanks to this, you will not have styling dilemmas and even five minutes before the event you will know what to wear.

Beautiful elegant dresses are a perfect choice for a romantic date, an exclusive candlelight dinner, but also for weddings, communions, baptisms and all kinds of anniversaries.

Cocktail dresses in pastel shades will be perfect for weddings, the little black dress will be perfect for work and going out with friends, and a floral maxi dress will delight you on holiday trips.

How many personalities, tastes and styles, so many options for choosing the perfect dresses. Both these elegant models, as well as the more sporty ones, for work, every day and on vacation - they are all important in our lives and most women cannot do without them.

Dresses - the most fashionable colors

We all know that the most classic will be the aforementioned little black dress. However, black dresses do not have to be available only in the mini or midi version.

For example, black maxi dresses can be an interesting carnival creation, or a choice for a crazy New Year's Eve night, jubilee or even just Christmas Eve.

If we stop at festive occasions, it is worth considering buying red clothes during the Christmas period. Winter and the holiday season are the perfect moments for red dresses to appear in your wardrobes.

It will be similar with bottle green. It is a color that will be perfect for autumn and winter stylizations. Dresses and bottle green are a perfect duo. It suits not only brunettes, but also all blondes, dark-haired and redheads.

Let's not forget that in spring and summer we can move away from classic colors and make a hint of madness creep into our wardrobe. Roses, blues, sunny yellows - these are the colors that should also appear on your dresses and not only on them.

If you are romantics and dreamers, you will certainly feel good in white and powder pink, but you will also like other pastel shades.

On the other hand, when you keep your feet on the ground, you will not be afraid of dark colors, as well as experimenting with all kinds of colorful patterns, non-obvious cuts and irregular lengths.

Dresses are garments that designers like the most, they can let their imagination run wild and conjure up phenomenal outfits.

Dresses from Naoko

In our projects we try to maintain a great variety so that each of you, regardless of age, figure, height, taste and style, can find something special for yourself.

"Life is too short to wear boring clothes." - this slogan accompanies each of our collections. If you like to stand out, just like us, you don't like boredom and routine, enter our world and visit ours from among many dress shops.

It is probably not easy when you are looking for the one and only dream creation. Shops and dresses are a river subject. It's hard to choose the best dress store. Every day we make every effort to ensure that you find what you are looking for with us.

Online dress stores are probably not an easy journey for you. What size should I choose? How will the creation look live? How will it fit on me? You are certainly asking yourself these questions.

At Naoko, we put a lot of effort into presenting the products in the pictures as well as possible and describing all their features accurately. Length, dimensions, color, style, you need to know it all, especially when choosing dresses.

We wish you a fruitful search! 😊