Spanish dresses - a new dimension of femininity

Summer is approaching and you are looking for airy and casual clothes for hot days? Pay attention to Spanish dresses. These models are extremely feminine and sensual, but also those where you can show your girlish charm.

The Spanish dress has a characteristic large and wide neckline that beautifully reveals the shoulders and neck. So if you like to emphasize your neckline in summer, this model will be perfect for you.

A Spanish dress often has a wide flounce with a neckline and owes its name to this detail. Carmen neckline, otherwise known as Spanish, is a horizontal neckline, open, thus revealing the shoulders. It can be completely smooth or inspired by the flamenco aesthetics and topped with a frill or shirring.

Spanish women's dresses have been in fashion for many seasons and are still popular, both on a daily basis when it gets warm and at various events throughout the year.

So if you do not have them in your wardrobe yet, we suggest - look for a Spanish dress that is perfect for you.

Spanish dresses - styles for various occasions

The models and styles can be really different, but they have one thing in common: an impressive cleavage, the atmosphere of hot Spain and equally hot flamenco rhythms.

A long Spanish dress will certainly evoke this atmosphere the most. You can choose such a model for various types of dance events. From weddings, through anniversaries, to the New Year's Eve. Long Spanish dresses will look wonderful in dance and we are sure that many a partner will ask you to dance, delighted with you in this type of styling.

A similar function can be fulfilled by flared Spanish dresses. During the dance, the flares will emphasize all your movements, and the fabric will spin beautifully. If you put on long Spanish dresses with some kind of train at the back, you will also achieve this effect. The more material in motion, the better we present ourselves in dance.

However, if the occasion is not very danceable, and more sublime and elegant, it is worth choosing slightly more modest long Spanish dresses, for example without decorative frills. These fitted models will show your style and class.

Spanish maxi dresses have the advantage that due to their length, all attention is directed to the top of the dress, i.e. the neckline, and not the legs. If that's what you care about - Spanish maxi dresses will be a great choice.

These types of styles are often chosen by stars for big galas, balls, premieres and walls, so something in it is that long Spanish dresses are still very popular.

If you do not like maxi models, but prefer to show your legs and enjoy more freedom of movement, choose short Spanish dresses. These are very cute models that will show your girlish delicacy or will liberate your femininity.

It all depends on accessories and styling. A pugnacious choker with a tied around the neck and a short black eco leather biker jacket will definitely be a stronger element of the outfit. However, if you bet on a delicate necklace and tiny earrings and a modest cardigan - the styling will immediately become softer.

When you can't decide between maxi and mini, the midi length comes in handy, which is something in between. Spanish midi dresses will be a good choice for any of you who want to keep a note of mystery in the styling. Such models will reveal a bit, but not too much, and at the same time are extremely stylish and original.

Spanish dresses - patterns and colors

Is Spanish temperament your element? So we have an irresistible impression that many times when you thought about the model and color, you knew well that it would be a red Spanish dress

This model is extremely classic and universal, but at the same time flirtatious and sexy. Choosing it for the party, you will certainly attract the attention of the male part of the company and jealous friends. With black accessories, a red Spanish dress will match perfectly, and your outfit will be pugnacious, seductive and simply delightful.

If you are romantic in nature, you like to reflect and go to a distant dreamland - a Spanish dress with flowers will be an interesting proposition for you. In our offer you will find a lot of floral patterns, because we also belong to the romantics team and we like to swing in the clouds.

Spanish floral dresses will make it easier for all of us, and at the same time create an original spring look for the first warm days. They will also work well on holiday trips, both on the beach and in the evening going out to the restaurant.

When you prefer not to go crazy with colors and patterns, and you are a fan of subdued classics, black Spanish dresses will be a simple choice for you. These models are extremely elegant and do not require the use of decorative accessories, because they are sufficiently stylish in themselves - especially those with a frill at the neckline.

Black Spanish dresses will be a bull's eye on New Year's Eve, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries. Their cut and style will be perfect for larger events, but also for everyday use. Why? Because if you choose a model without a decorative frill, but only exposing the shoulders, and additionally in the midi length, it will be perfect, for example, for work.

When you are a fan of summer and hot weather, you only wait for warmer days to put on summer dresses, you will not be surprised if you choose white Spanish dresses. These are romantic models, they can also be airy and made of lace, which will perfectly emphasize any holiday stylization.

Plus size spanish dresses

Do you love celebrating your femininity and are not afraid to emphasize your beautiful shapes? Plus size Spanish dresses are models for you. You can choose the tighter and more fitted ones, thus exposing the waist, bust and shoulders, of course.

You can also bet on something more airy and oversize. Such models will be extremely comfortable, easy to wear and will be perfect in spring and summer.

Plus size Spanish dresses don't have to be boring! Bet on fancy patterns and colors, check how you feel in different lengths. Do you like to go crazy with fashion? Choose models with lots of frills that will distract you from those parts of your body you don't love the most.

Remember, large size Spanish dresses are also sensual models, and each of us can look sexy in them. Love your body, emphasize its advantages and enjoy the stylish dresses of our projects.

We create dresses for you so that you can enjoy interesting stylizations and the same great mood. Fall in love with our Spanish dresses and wear them with pride.