Kimono dresses - a new version of the classic

You fell in love with our kimono dresses some time ago, which is why Naoko's offer still includes models of this type, under the slogan kimono dress you will find a lot of them.

What is your first association when you hear: kimono dress? Do you see the phenomenal Japanese geisha before your eyes? Sakura - a beautiful cherry blossom? Such associations also come to mind.

Therefore, kimono dresses at Naoko are an extremely important element of almost every collection. After all, the brand name also comes from Japan.

We always try to make kimono dresses extremely feminine and sensual, but also comfortable. Freedom to wear is very important to us, because women's kimono is a dress that is your frequent choice for holiday trips and every day.

Another association, apart from magical Japan, can also be covers in the form of a bathrobe, bird wings, or something like a bat. The kimono bat dress is an extremely original and extraordinary model.

We are sure that if you know our brand, you have certainly noticed more than one kimono-style dress.

Kimono dresses - styles for each of you

The most popular model is a kimono dress tied, it is even a flagship model of this type of creation. The binding at the waist brings to mind the laborious work of a geisha while putting on a kimono.

We also offer a maxi kimono dress. It is a model that will work well for many different celebrations. Don't know what to wear to your friend's wedding? Long kimono dress will answer this question.

Mini, midi, maxi, there are many models. However, we are largely in favor of the least obvious choices and we often like to choose a long kimono dress.

Kimono dresses - colors

You know that we love to go crazy with colors and you can see it in our collections. However, we are not indifferent to the classics, and the black kimono dress is such a classic. At Naoko you can choose it in a mini or maxi version and you know that black kimono dresses will always defend themselves. Will it be a formal party or just going to the cinema.

We propose bolder models for parties. The red kimono dress will be perfect. Match it with golden and black accessories, such a sensual styling will make you stylish at many events.

In turn, the white kimono dress is a modest and perfect proposition for hot days, choose one made of delicate muslin, it will protect you from the heat, and for the evening you can always change your outfit and return to the option called: black kimono dresses. This will never get boring!

Kimono dresses - patterns and materials

We have a lot of flowers, dots, stripes and patterns. The floral kimono dress is a model that will arouse a lot of associations with Japan and geisha. Like the satin kimono dress. It's best to combine both options into one and geisha styling is ready.

A linen kimono dress will work well for hot summer days, and when the colder aura comes to us, you will be able to change the linen for a kimono sweater dress.

One thing is for sure, no matter what material and color you choose, remember: a kimono dress and flowers are a perfect duo.

Kimono dresses plus size

Do you want to hide some imperfections that bother you in your figures? Or maybe you want to emphasize a slim waist and appetizing breasts?

Plus size kimono dress is the perfect model for you.It will cover what is supposed to cover and it will conquer everything that is most beautiful in you. Choose a uniform color, and a shapely and elegant styling is guaranteed.

Kimono dresses for the plus size are a really good choice, you will feel not only comfortable and at ease in them, but also like a million dollars! All you have to do is choose the right accessories.

Don't be afraid to go crazy, fashion really has a lot to offer you and plus size kimono dresses are the best example of this. Choose a strong, juicy color - be brave and let your femininity appear to the world!