Shirt dresses - a new look at the classics

Have you ever worn a shirt as a dress or as a tunic with leggings? Or maybe you steal shirts from your partners' wardrobes?

For all fans of this type of solutions - we meet your expectations and present women's shirt dresses.

These are extremely interesting and original models for various occasions. Shirt dresses will be perfect for everyday use, for work, lunch with friends and an evening walk. For more initial occasions, they will also be a good choice.

Shirt dresses certainly owe their popularity to men's shirts. As women, we envied our partners classic, oversize models for us, thus provoking designers to create women's shirt dresses.

They are extremely stylish, they can be sexy and surprise with modesty at the same time, depending on the styling. However, regardless of whether you choose them every day or for a larger occasion, elegant shirt dresses are models that each of us should have in our wardrobe.

Shirt dresses - styles for each of you

Mini, midi, and even maxi - the length depends on the ideas of the creators of the collection and, of course, your needs. Midi shirt dresses are a very safe everyday option. However, these models in the mini version will prove themselves, for example, on a date.

Long shirt dresses are extremely original models in their cut and design. They look stylish if we choose a short ramones jacket or put on a cardigan. We can also wear maxi shirt dresses as models with a slit, just not fasten the shirt all the way and the fashion trick is ready.

In our offer you will find various models, from shorter ones to those long shirt dresses. The choice is up to you. Each of them is stylish and cute, but if you really want to stand out - put on long shirt dresses - voices of delight are guaranteed.

Shirt dresses - interesting patterns and materials

If you know our collections, you know very well that we do not avoid patterns and vivid colors. You will find striped dresses, plaids, flowers and so on.

Checked shirt dresses are a choice for real fashionistas who know trends like no one else. They will look stylish with sandals on a post as well as tight jeans. A nice large jacket and checkered shirt dresses are known as a styling hit.

Denim shirt dresses are another interesting option - these are classic models, but if we choose them in an interesting color, for example graphite or white, they may also surprise you.

Flower shirt dresses are an option for all romantics and dreamers. If you do not belong to this group, but want to go crazy with your stylizations in spring and summer - these models will be perfect for this. Same as for example striped shirt dresses.

Shirt dresses - timeless colors

Juicy green, ocean blue and sunny yellow are the colors that you will find in our spring and summer collections. However, if you prefer classics and subdued colors, don't worry, we also have something for you.

White shirt dresses are extremely versatile, elegant models, but also interesting suggestions, if on an ordinary day you want to dress simply cool and fashionable.

The same applies to black shirt dresses - these in turn, in addition to being an everyday outfit, will also be perfect for any evening outings.

Red shirt dresses will also fulfill this role and will additionally be an extremely interesting and unusual element of your wardrobe.

Regardless of whether you choose classic white shirt dresses or black shirt dresses in your everyday choices, you can be sure that your interesting stylizations will be remembered for a long time

Plus size shirt dresses

If you love your fuller shapes, it is worth highlighting them with plus size shirt dresses. You will release your femininity in them and shine as people who know fashion and trends.

Plus size shirt dresses can also work if you want to hide some imperfections under them. We guarantee that you will feel comfortable in such models.

Plus size shirt dresses are a good choice for those of you who always want to feel beautiful and appreciated, such stylizations will only help you in this.