Maxi dresses - these are the models you love

Long dresses are among the products closest to our hearts and we know that they are also for you. You showed it more than once when we launched a new collection. Designing maxi dresses is a real pleasure for us, but also a big challenge. Each of you is different, has different needs, figure, style and preferences. That is why we always try to make our offer in this area as extensive as possible and tailored to your needs.

We are very happy that many of you know that it is here that you will find the most beautiful long dresses and we want it to stay that way. We carefully select patterns, colors and fabrics to make long dresses your first choices after opening the wardrobe - regardless of the occasion.

We are extremely pleased that women's maxi dresses are models that you like to choose and come back for at any time of the year! Due to their length, they are with you throughout the year and are the basis of both your crazy and more classic stylizations.

Maxi dresses - styles

We already know that these are one of your beloved models, but in which styles do you choose them most? What styles do you feel best in, or which styles have you never had the opportunity to wear, but would you like to?

Long slit dresses can certainly answer these questions. Why? At first glance, this type of model may seem like a modest proposition, but when we notice a cut that can beautifully display the legs, we will quickly change our mind about a given styling. In our opinion - long dresses with a slit are simply long dresses with a wow effect! Interestingly, the dress gains a different character when we use an opening on the side, and completely different when we make it in the middle. This type of treatment is eagerly used in maxi models, because it surprises, adds sex appeal, enhances styling, and at the same time is stylish and not too intrusive.

In turn, airy maxi dresses tell a completely different story. Which of you, at the thought of this fashion, sees the blue summer sky, a green meadow and a charming girl running barefoot? What is she wearing? Exactly - our first thought is probably an airy dress. If you also want to feel like her, free, free and happy - the maxi dress will not stop you.

You will feel differently in fitted maxi dresses that will emphasize your flawless figure, or emphasize your curves, if you feel like doing such a styling treatment.

Long dresses can also perfectly accentuate the waist and bring out your femininity, check out for example models such as Spring Awakening Dress . It has an elastic band, which already gives a beautiful emphasis at the waist, but nothing prevents you from adding a delicate or stronger belt here, and thus slightly changing the character of the styling.

Maxi dresses - for all occasions

Certainly for many of you, the first associations with elegant maxi dresses lead to lofty parties, great parties with a pomp and dressed up women in elegant long dresses. Especially if you do not wear these types of models on a daily basis, such an association seems natural. We will now show you that the range of opportunities in which you can use this design is really wide.

Long evening dresses will be reserved for occasions such as balls, weddings or New Year's Eve parties.High heels or sandals on a post and elegant, preferably a really tiny handbag will become an inseparable addition here. Don't forget about jewelry - long earrings and a delicate necklace will turn up every outfit.

Long evening dresses may seem problematic, usually when we want to match them with outerwear. However, our hint is that you don't really need to stress about it. Nowadays, fashion comes out of rigid frames. An example can be a ramones jacket, which fits perfectly both with casual stylizations, being a perfect complement to long dresses every day, and acting as a jacket for elegant long dresses.

Regardless of whether you choose a biker jacket, long or short jacket, pair them with the most beautiful pair of high heels, at every party you will feel like a million dollars if you choose one of the maxi evening dresses.

Undoubtedly, the invitation to the wedding brings joy, but also the thought of "what will I wear?" Do you look at photos from your friends' weddings, look at the outfits, see that long evening dresses are eagerly chosen by the women's part of wedding guests? Are you wondering if you will also look good in this model? Or maybe you have never had the opportunity to put on this tup of dress? Do not worry. Maxi evening dresses will prove themselves on many figures.

Do you know the myth that short people shouldn't wear long dresses? We are overthrowing him! If you want to lengthen your figure, such a model will be perfect, especially when you choose one-color dresses from among elegant maxi dresses.

You can be tall, short, thicker and thinner, but never get persuaded that you can't play with fashion and experiment with the lengths of skirts or dresses, for example.

For what other occasion is it worth choosing elegant maxi dresses? On a date! Surprise your partners and dress differently than usual. Choose a classy styling and a length appropriate to the occasion. Show yourself in a new light, and this will surely make the date and your moods truly exhilarating.

Maxi dresses - for all seasons

Spring, summer, fall, winter, we already mentioned that you love long dresses and wear them all year round. For those of you who are yet to be convinced, we have a small overview of the looks that you can use throughout the year.

In spring, choose the model called long dress with Sjana binding, which is our bestseller. With a short denim jacket, they make a perfect and unbreakable duo. You can also put on maxi dresses with sleeves and combine them with, for example, sneakers. Such a set will be great for a trip outside the city or an outdoor outing with friends.

In summer, wear maxi dresses with straps, sandals or ballerinas and hair tied in a ponytail. Be sure to choose them in a stronger color, because when to enjoy and play with colors, if not when the sun reigns in the sky, and we enjoy the hot weather and enjoy the charms of holidays.

Maxi dresses for fall do not necessarily have to be long sleeves, but this option is also worth considering. Under the elegant coat you can put on something more fitted, and with a short jacket you can go crazy with volume at the bottom. Autumn maxi dresses will be full of colors that refer to the colorful, drooping autumn leaves. Oranges, shades of red and brown, these colors reign in autumn and in these colors long dresses will gently wrap us around.

In winter, however, you can choose something from warmer materials, then you will not have to worry about the length of the outer garment and you can choose a short, insulated jacket with a maxi dress. Do not forget to complete this type of styling with boots or workers.

So we convinced you that maxi dresses for every season of the year will be perfect? ​​

Maxi plus size dresses

Long plus size dresses? Why not! Choose this cut not because you may think you should hide something, but because you can say: "I wear what I want and what I like." You will see that then you will feel really great.

Plus size maxi dresses will be perfect if you choose one-color models, such as the infinity maxi Indigo Ocean dress, the shade of blue in this model is really phenomenal. Remember, however, that you don't have to limit yourself at all. Do you love flowers and boho style? Choose the model called boho dress with a frill Amelia - we guarantee that you will love not only its length, but also the pattern and how it looks great on feminine curves. Additionally, you can wear a hat with it, which will definitely have a positive effect on the proportions of the figure, or a sweater that will complete the outfit.

Remember - in fashion you are only limited by your imagination. Plus size maxi dresses give a lot of room for maneuver when it comes to styling. No matter what type of your silhouettes are. Each of us can wear beautiful maxi dresses and look phenomenal in them!