Midi dresses - non-obvious cuts

We all know and love long, wide maxi dresses, or short and revealing mini dresses. However, in recent years, midi dresses have conquered the catwalks of fashion shows around the world.

It turned out that for some women it is a perfect cut. You don't want to show your knees, but you have beautiful and shapely calves that you want to show off to the world? Midi dresses will be a bull's eye for you!

Interestingly, this cut will also be loved by tall people, for whom the search for the perfect length often ends in a fiasco. Long dresses may turn out to be too short, and the shorter ones, in turn, are too tight. Elegant midi dresses can save this situation.

Regardless of whether you are short, tall, have shapely legs, or have certain complexes in this area, and you are looking for the perfect dress - it is worth pausing for a moment over models with unusual lengths.

We are sure that midi women's dresses are a black horse among other, more popular and well-known models.

Midi dresses - styles worth betting on

Choose the perfect cut for your figure and your preferences. Elegant flared midi dresses should appeal to you because they are really feminine.

In our offer, the flagship model of this cut is the fitted Havana dress, which stole the hearts of our customers as soon as it was available for sale. Why? Because it not only impresses with deep, saturated greenery, but also with a unique cut. Flared midi dresses perfectly emphasize the waist and shape the figure - similar to the hourglass desired by many women.

Interestingly, the flare effect can be obtained in many ways. A common method of adding volume to the cut is the use of pleats. Pleated midi dresses, like skirts of this type, are also coming back into fashion like a boomerang.

Certainly, often, if you want to emphasize your shapes, you are looking for trapezoidal midi dresses. This is a very good lead for your stylizations to get a twist and stand out from the crowd. You can achieve the same by choosing midi dresses with a slit, which are always tempting, but don't fully reveal all the cards.

For less daring women, we are happy to recommend midi wrap dresses. Such styles are distinguished by a not too deep V-shaped neckline, which resembles, not without reason, an envelope. Thanks to this solution, this cut gives an interesting line to the whole silhouette.

If you are still wondering which cut will suit you best, you should also pay attention to midi pencil dresses. It's a classic in itself, a combination of modesty with a hint of sex appeal.

As you can see, there are plenty of styles, from flared midi dresses, through pleated, trapezoidal, to envelope and pencil dresses. Fortunately, we women have a lot to choose from.

Midi dresses - for all occasions

Well, we already know the styles and undoubted advantages of this length, but what if you have already chosen your model every day, and you have many different occasions planned, to which you need to match the perfect stylizations?

Nobody will deny that in the spring and summer season we have a lot of opportunities to wear something special. Midi cocktail dresses will work well, for example, at many weddings. A celebration in a church, office or outdoors? Regardless of the place, it is worth choosing the styling in accordance with the solemnity of the ceremony.Do not forget about accessories, a strong pendant or long earrings will add charm to even the simplest in form and cut dress, and the wedding is certainly an opportunity to have fun with fashion. We have prepared real hits in our offer for this type of party. The main ones here are: delicate, girlish midi dress with frill Birdy , as well as sensual dress with It's Destiny binding

In turn, midi evening dresses have a chance to shine at many crazy events. Bachelorette party, girl's trip, lights, dance, music - do you also have such associations with this model of dress? If so, pair it with a leather jacket and sturdy ankle boots, and don't forget to emphasize your lips as well. Red lipstick? Of course! Midi evening dresses in such an entourage will bring many masculine eyes to you.

However, if the opportunity is different and requires more seriousness, choose midi formal dresses. An official business meeting, baptism, communion or round anniversary - these are some of the many occasions to put on an elegant outfit. However, do not forget about your fantasy, even those parties at which certain dress standards must be maintained, do not exclude the need to choose a fancy manicure for the dress or go crazy with a hairstyle.

The end of the year is undoubtedly the time when you will be looking for New Year's Eve outfits. Your list will include surely fitted miniatures, long shiny dresses or recently fashionable jumpsuits. Then don't forget about something in between. Midi New Year's Eve dresses will be just such a proposition.

Midi dresses - popular patterns

Polka dots, stripes, flowers, stripes - this is certainly a group of motifs that appear most often on clothes. Which of us was not looking for ribbed midi dresses or striped trousers that would lengthen the legs in the summer? Or maybe half of your wardrobe is flowers and animal motifs? We also love patterns, and they have a special place in our collections and we pay a lot of attention to them.

So if, like us, you love to go crazy with unusual motifs in your stylizations, see our offer.

Midi dresses - timeless colors

Are you wondering which color you will look the most advantageous in? Pay attention to your skin tone and hair color.

If you are a brunette, you can feel good in stronger colors, blood red, deep black or bottle green. On the other hand, if you are blonde, you will be fine in more delicate, pastel shades, for example: pink, green and blue. Do you want to choose something less obvious? Set of white midi dresses with colorful accessories.

On the other hand, if you prefer the classic, then regardless of the color of your hair - choose black. Black midi dresses, regardless of the cut, will defend themselves in any styling, whether you pair them with red high heels or even with white sneakers. Regardless of the occasion, these types of models always look stylish - black midi dresses top!

Midi plus size dresses

Whether you love your curves or try to fight them, you don't have to give up being a stylish and fashionable woman.

Plus size midi dresses can become models that will take over your wardrobe. Why? Their length fits various types of figures, and the patterns and colors can either mask their shortcomings or emphasize their strengths. Remember - if you match the cut, color and style of the dress well, it will certainly translate into your well-being, and we look good when we feel good!