Mini dresses - what is their secret?

When Twiggy launched the mini in style at the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, nobody expected that short dresses would remain in fashion for years, and women would love them and wear them to this day.

Mini dresses are sexy, sensual and can make everyone's eyes turn your way. So if you like to play with fashion, surprise, be the center of attention and arouse admiration, and you are bored with longer styles, choose short dresses and charm with your girly charm. Be a brave woman, if you want - expose your legs, emphasize your strengths and find your unique style. Mini skirt dresses will certainly help you with this. Their extraordinary comfort and wearing comfort are also important, you will appreciate it especially in spring and summer. When it gets warmer outside and the sun looks bolder from behind the clouds - then you will especially like mini dresses.

We are sure that with our help you will find suggestions that will make you look like a million dollars, feel really special and nobody will pass you by indifferently.

Mini dresses - styles for everyone

You are probably wondering which style to choose - a tight mini dress or a flared mini dress?

Each of them has a lot of charm, our undoubted hit is the model in the INFINITY cut, i.e. a fitted mini dress that will perfectly emphasize your shapely figure or emphasize your curves, if you want to show them off. This model can be tied in various ways, which will make INFINITY one of your favorite short tight and fitted dresses. Dress her up for a date and we guarantee that everything will turn out the way you dream. For this type of cut, a short jacket , an oversized jacket , or simply nonchalant sweater will be the perfect complement.

However, if you want to bet on a flared mini dress, we recommend suggestions such as Magical Meadow short dress or Marigold short dress with frill . These are models that will work great at a party. Why? Flared mini dresses spin in motion, and you will look phenomenal when you dance. They will look great, for example, in combination with a denim jacket.

Do you already know which models appeal to you more? Fitted mini dresses or flared mini dresses? We advise you - choose both and enjoy each of them depending on the occasion!

Mini dresses - timeless colors

We already know their many advantages, as well as interesting styles. What about the colors? You are probably wondering which ones are the most popular and which ones will be more niche and original?

Undoubtedly, the highest scores have black mini dresses. Surprised? I think it's no wonder, because the black mini dress is definitely a style icon and each of us should have at least one in our wardrobe. Our hit is the already mentioned infinity model, in a black version, i.e. infinity mini dress Moon Raising , but the charm does not differ from it, e.g. envelope dress Chasing Stars , or mini dress with binding Dark Night . Depending on whether you prefer to cover or reveal the shoulders, you will definitely choose the cut that suits you, and the black color will emphasize the character of the whole outfit.

Or maybe you prefer a stronger color and choose red mini dresses? Here we can also offer you something: Ruby Rose infinity mini dress is a red mini dress that will make you feel really feminine.Black and red are definitely timeless colors and often chosen by our clients, but do not forget - in our offer you will find a number of other colors, from juicy yellows, through strong greens and oranges, to mild beige and brown

Don't be afraid to go crazy and depending on your mood, choose a strong color, or stay true to the classics, and if you want to wear a white mini dress for a wedding - do it without thinking!

Mini dresses - for all occasions

Are you getting ready for your friend's wedding? Are you planning a bachelorette party? Do you have a wedding anniversary, baby christening? Or maybe you want to dazzle everyone at a meeting with friends?

You will find mini dresses for every occasion. Evening and cocktail models, more and less obliging - simply at ease. When these more serious occasions are involved and the situation requires more preparation and special care - pay attention to mini evening dresses. These include, for example, the Magical Moments envelope dress with an envelope neckline and waistline, its unusual color and pattern have stolen many of our clients' hearts.

On the other hand, the aforementioned infinity is a mini cocktail dress, the style of which you can change even during the party and thus surprise the guests gathered there. Mini dresses for a party are certainly a strong point of our offer.

So don't be afraid to go crazy, browse our proposals full of patterns, colors and interesting, extraordinary styles. Get noticed at every party and become the star of the evening!