Strappy dresses for every woman

Summer is the perfect time to wear airy and delicate stylizations. Hot, sunny days, we spend a lot of time outdoors, and dresses with straps accompany us almost every day.

Can't you imagine a summer day without light, almost imperceptible dresses with thin straps? Neither do we - nothing like them will help when the temperature hits record levels.

Women's dresses with straps are also an ideal travel companion. You can put them in a backpack, put them in a suitcase, they won't take up much space, and they will certainly be your favorite holiday choice.

Do you like visiting cities and discovering new places? Dresses with thick straps will be a very comfortable proposition for this type of active rest. If, on the other hand, you prefer to lie on the beach for hours - choose dresses with thin straps. It is a lightweight proposition, perfect for a swimsuit.

When you want to stand out and get carried away by fantasy - pay attention to more unusual suggestions. For example, dresses with wide straps can be such models. They look very interesting when the straps are of a different color than the rest of the dress.

Dresses with straps - various styles

Maxi has not gone out of fashion for many seasons. If, like us, you love long dresses with straps - in our offer you really have a lot to choose from.

Models in the boho style with fancy ties and open backs, or those with colorful floral motifs - maxi dresses with straps are a strong representation among all our proposals.

Long dresses with straps are a good choice for those of you who do not like to show off your legs and prefer to emphasize your shoulders and cleavage.

In turn, short dresses with straps will be perfect for any enthusiast of exposing legs, arms, cleavage and breasts. Because when can we afford it, if not in summer?

Regardless of whether you choose dresses with long straps or shorter models, we guarantee that in the warmer months you will not feel more feminine and at the same time at the same time.

Strappy dresses for various occasions

Apart from these everyday models, it is also worth paying attention to the more basic ones. Evening dresses with straps will be models that will prove themselves not only in summer, but throughout the year.

Match them with a short jacket, blazer or sweater, and regardless of the weather, this model will pass its test at many events.

Carnival is coming? New Year's Eve dresses with straps are a hit when you want to welcome the new year with a smile.

Elegant dresses with straps will also prove themselves at weddings, communions, baptisms and other special events.

Dresses with straps - patterns and materials

Are you the romantic type? Go for dresses with floral straps.

Do you like to dream and spend time outdoors in spring and summer? Airy dresses with straps will be a perfect proposition for you.

Do you like keeping your feet firmly on the ground? Denim dresses with straps will be a bull's eye for you.

We can list for so long, but it shows that these types of models are really for everyone. Depending on his preferences, character and style he likes.

For sportswomen, sweatpants with shoulder straps will be a nice option. This is an extremely comfortable cut and even if you do not like sports, you should like this model.

On the other hand, cotton dresses with straps are extremely universal, comfortable to wear and easy to style - it is worth having them in your wardrobe

Dresses with straps - colors

Black dresses with straps will be the classic models that will always defend themselves. They will be useful not only on a daily basis, but also for a party with friends or a family party.

Black dresses on straps are an absolute must have in each of us wardrobe and they have certainly saved you more than once in the situation: "I have nothing to wear, and I have to leave in 5 minutes."

For those more courageous women, our proposal will be sensual red dresses with straps. Just like the black ones - you can wear them on holidays and not be afraid to put them to work, for example.

White dresses with straps will be an option for romantics and dreamers who prefer a more modest style of dress, or for the brave ones who will want to show their gentle side.