Flared dresses - a new version of femininity

They emphasize the waist, spin in the dance, gently and subtly reveal the legs and constitute the quintessence of femininity - these are flared dresses.

If you are enthusiasts of our collections, especially flared dresses, you certainly know our best-selling Havana fitted dress or Love Spell waist dress

These are flared dresses that you fell in love with some time ago, which is why they are constantly available in our assortment and they find their happy owners almost every day - they are real bestsellers!

Why are they so successful? It's no secret that women's flared dresses are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. They are sensual, ultra feminine and perfect for almost any occasion, and at the same time very comfortable and perfectly tailored.

Flared dresses from an online store can often turn out to be a bull's eye or a complete failure. Fortunately, we think about women, about their needs and figures, and we always try to design dresses so that they fit you perfectly and are still original. At the same time, we make sure that you have a large selection of cuts, colors and styles.

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Flared dresses - styles

We have a lot of styles - from the more elegant ones to the less elegant and more everyday ones, and designers are constantly trying to outdo each other in new ideas. Thanks to this, the fashion market is developing beautifully and every now and then it surprises us with something extraordinary.

Elegant flared dresses will release femininity in each of us. Highlight your decks, show off your legs - choose them for a date or a party and see how they inspire admiration and appreciation of your companions. We are sure that you will be able to dance many nights in them!

It is worth taking a look at the models with a fitted top and flares at the bottom - this is a cut that you have certainly worn more than once and it has proved to be perfect regardless of the circumstances. It can beautifully emphasize the neckline, emphasize the shoulders, and at the same time freely frame the hips.

Dresses cut at the waist, flared, belong to the group of safe styles for people who can boast of curves, but do not want to emphasize them necessarily. In this case, the length of the selected model will also be important, if you do not want to show the legs, choose midi, but if you don't have a problem with it, you can always wear a mini.

It is also worth paying attention to a very interesting cut, the so-called babydoll. Do you know those cute A-line flared dresses with voluminous puff sleeves that look like a barbie doll? These are just about them. In addition, they have this characteristic that they can be the backbone of a successful styling in themselves - they are almost self-sufficient.

Charming and romantic, but sexy, seemingly modest, but can be remembered and become an extremely universal base for your wardrobe. This is what elegant flared dresses are like.

Flared dresses - the material is also important

Smooth, openwork, lace, pleated, made of cotton, silk or viscose - what you choose depends only on you!

If you want to surprise your friends or family, choose flared lace dresses for the meeting. Models in white or pastels, for example, can be really cute.Match them with a denim katana or eco leather remones, wedge sandals, and a successful and unusual look is guaranteed!

Are you going on a date, do you want to impress a newly met boy or awaken the senses of a long-term partner? Choose models made of silk or satin, necessarily with a fitted top and a delicate flare at the bottom A light coat and high heels will be a perfect addition to this type of flared dress. Also, don't forget about jewelry, a long pendant and modest earrings will also work great here.

Flared dresses - a perfect model for various occasions

Are you used to a shirt accompanied by a pencil skirt, or are you most likely to wear a t-shirt and your favorite jeans on a daily basis? Are you not convinced to wear dresses without occasion?

We will convince you! Every day flared dresses are an almost perfect choice. Why? We feel like answering: Why not? We are supporters of playing with fashion, not only during holidays.

When you feel like putting something cool to work or for a walk - feel free. Our offer includes so many flared dresses that choosing the more modest one will also not be a problem for you. You just have to dare to take off those jeans, washed t-shirt and unleash your femininity in a flared dress.

Flared party dresses are a choice for every woman who wants to show her girly charm. No matter if it's a crazy dance party at the club, a barbecue with friends or just going out with friends.

Or maybe the prom is approaching fast? Flared dresses will be the best choice. There is no other model that looks so great in dance and at the same time has so much charm and grace. For teenagers, for such an occasion as a prom, it will be a perfect cut.

Flared dresses - colors

Do you prefer to bet on classics or go crazy with colors? Or maybe it all depends on your mood, occasion and just the day of the week? It doesn't matter, choose a color in which you feel good, and we guarantee that everyone will see it and thus appreciate your styling.

Black flared dresses will certainly be perfect for an evening out. For this type of outfit, choose high heels, a small handbag and a short jacket. Remember - here you can go crazy with the colors of the accessories, or again choose the classics, gold, silver or just black.

Black flared dresses have the advantage that they are timeless and will never go out of fashion.

However, if you prefer something more sweet and girly, you can choose models in pastel colors. Not only black is timeless - flared dresses and powder pink are also a great combination. These types of models look great in combination with white accessories. Dresses flared in powder pink will be an ideal base for styling, e.g. for a wedding, communion or baptism.

Blue flared dresses will not differ from this type of stylization concept. Blue is really on top now and it does not surprise us at all, it is a beautiful and delicate shade that suits both blondes and brunettes.

In combination with the aforementioned white, they are a really successful duo, but also with the classic contrasting black, they will complement each other perfectly.

Plus size flared dresses

Even if you have a little more body, plus size flared dresses will be a good choice for your figure. Choose a more trapezoidal model that will draw attention to the top of the silhouette and hide, for example,slightly wider hips First of all - don't be afraid to experiment.