Tailored dresses - extremely feminine cut

A fitted dress is a model extremely desirable by every woman who wants to emphasize the waist and shape the dress to outline the perfect figure like Marilyn Monroe. It was this star and a true icon of femininity that promoted tailored dresses in the 1950s and 1960s. Thus, she emphasized her greatest strengths and mastered the art of seduction to perfection.

The hourglass silhouette that Marilyn Monroe could boast about is the ideal of a female figure to this day. No wonder then that each of us strives to make our body look like this, and fortunately tailored dresses can help us a lot.

So if your figures are far from the aforementioned hourglass, do not worry, with the help of a perfectly matched cut, you will be able to emphasize your values, and tailored dresses will become your favorite models and you will not want to part with them.

A fitted dress is a real must have in the wardrobe of each of us. No other dress, as sensual as her, will emphasize our shapes and emphasize the waistline.

You can choose a short jacket, oversized sweater, and successful styling is guaranteed.

Tailored dresses - styles

You are probably wondering now what style to choose. The choice is really huge, long, short, flared or fitted, you have to decide on something.

The flared waist dress is certainly a model for people who have slightly wider hips and want to cover them a bit, emphasizing their narrow waist at the same time. A cut such as a trapezoidal waist dress will also work here - the name results from the similarity of its cut to a geometric figure. These models will beautifully emphasize not only the waist, but also the legs, especially the calves.

The fitted waisted dress, in turn, is a model that will work for people who like tight cuts, thanks to which they can emphasize all the qualities of their figure, from the bust, through the waist, to the legs.

A retro fitted dress, for example, can also be an interesting choice among flared fitted dresses. Regardless of whether you like modern models or the more classic ones, have fun with fashion and take advantage of every opportunity to put on unusual outfits.

Elegant waisted dresses, no matter if we mean midi waisted dresses, mini or maxi length ones, they will prove themselves on many dates, parties and meetings with friends. Dazzle the company with the dresses from our offer, and you will be remembered for a long time.

Tailored dresses - colors

Do you love to go crazy with colors? Or maybe you prefer more subdued stylizations?

If you want to bet on the classics, choose a black fitted dress. Black is a timeless color and although it is also considered the color of mourning in Poland, fortunately it is not reserved only for these sad occasions.

A black fitted dress will be perfect for an evening out to the club, meeting friends, a romantic date with a loved one or simply as a base for everyday styling. Are your friends suddenly pulling you out to a party? A black fitted dress will be the best choice.

Similar functions can be fulfilled by a red fitted dress. Dress it up for both romantic and crazier occasions. It will emphasize your figures and independence. The red tailored dress is a bull's eye whenever you want to feel ultra feminine.

Her complete opposite will be something more modest, such as a white fitted dress.It will be worth turning it up with an accessory in the form of a fashionable hat in the style of a boho and a long denim katana, you will also not forget about boots or cowboy boots

Tailored dresses - for all occasions

Parties, weddings, business meetings - there are really many occasions where you can shine with an interesting style.

A fitted formal dress will be perfect for a larger occasion, but if you just want to feel feminine and emphasize your figure without too much occasion, feel free to do so. Every day fitted dresses are also a hit and a great alternative to jeans and hoodies.

Tailored dress - material

An ordinary day or party, apart from the cut, pattern and color, it is also worth looking at the materials. An everyday dress with a waist will surely differ from the formal dress.

The most common differences are the fabrics. The waisted sweatshirt dress will be reserved only for everyday wear, meetings with friends, family or as styling for long walks. Sweatshirt is certainly one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear.

Its complete opposite will be, for example, dresses fitted with lace, which will prove useful at family parties such as communions or baptisms. Do you have an invitation to this type of event? What is your first thought when choosing an outfit? "Waisted lace dress" - I think that something like this has dawned on many of you.