Dresses with frills - the quintessence of femininity

The history of frills goes back to the nineteenth century, when the so-called berta, or wide lace frill, was used to hemm the necklines of evening dresses. It was also popular to trim the edges of dresses, their sleeves, and even caps and hats.

At the beginning of the 20th century, women's dresses with flounces and lots of laces and puffs became very fashionable.

In the 1950s, dresses promoted by the French model, actress and singer Brigitte Bardot were on top. Back then, she was an icon and symbol of sex appeal, and the dresses she wore emphasized the bust and hips, making the styling extremely sexy at the time and had a hint of coquetry.

A bit later, these ornaments fell in love with the hippies, promoting, for example, dresses with flounces at the bottom, or wide bells - also finished with flounces.

Today we often reach for skirts, trousers, blouses, shirts and fashionable dresses with frills. Not without reason - they have survived in fashion for years, in various guises. Dresses with three frills, reminiscent of Spanish hot flamenco champions, are nowadays eagerly chosen for every dance occasion.

It is not without reason that we start with these extremely airy and timeless proposals, dresses with frills are extremely feminine and can emphasize the beauty of many of you.

Outfits decorated with often pleated and lace materials can defend themselves at any time of the year, so fashionable dresses with frills can be the basis of your wardrobe.

Dresses with frills - styles for each of you

Long, short, mini, midi, there are a lot of styles, and each of you will surely find the perfect model for yourself.

Dresses with midi frills are a classic proposal in its simplicity, but with an interesting twist in the form of a frill. These can be models fitted at the waist and hips, with a wider top. Ruffled midi dresses may be a good choice for those of you who can't complain about your height.

Shorter people will certainly hang their eye on slightly shorter versions - dresses with frills to the knee will be an interesting and safe option for them. If you want to add some centimeters, be sure to put on high heels or wedge sandals, in the company of a knee-length dress with frills, they will look great.

Long dresses with frills are very universal models, each of you, regardless of your height, will feel good in them, and the frills, despite the length of the dress, will add lightness and girly charm to it. So don't be afraid to go for long dresses with ruffles.

Dreamy Delight dress with frill will be a nice proposition here. It is an extremely airy, girly proposition with a delicate floral motif. Perfect for all romantics and dreamers.

In turn, a slightly stronger proposition will be a dress with a Magenta Sunset frill . Its vivid, juicy colors will give you energy to act, dance and go crazy all night. In it, each of you will become the queen of the dance floor.

These long ruffled dresses will prove themselves on many weddings and on more sublime occasions. You can choose an elegant jacket with them, or break their delicacy with Ramones and boots.

You don't compromise in your stylizations? Go for dresses with maxi frills. This is a cut for the brave, especially for weddings - not everyone can dance the night away in such a length, but what is not done for the appearance. We guarantee that maxi dresses with frills will steal the heart of many of you and will shine in them at every party.

Delicate and airy flared dresses with frills are suggestions for the more aggressive ones. Check, for example, the model short dress with a frill Sugar Almond . A ripped sweater, strong black workers - this way we can create a nonchalant look, and the delicate flares at the bottom of the dress will only curl it up.

Simple dresses with frills will be a completely different proposition. A simple cut and a delicate accent in the form of a frill is a tribute to minimalists. If you belong to this group, you will certainly be careful when choosing accessories. A delicate chain and almost invisible earrings can be an interesting complement to the styling.

We have many styles and the choice is huge. Regardless of the length, dresses with a neckline and ruffles can be the core of your outfits, not only for everyday use, but also for big events.

Dresses with flounces for various occasions

For many of us, wearing something other than a t-shirt and jeans is often a holiday. Especially in the era of remote work, when we do not have to pay special attention to appearance.

However, it is worth doing something for yourself from time to time, change your everyday outfit into something more fun - maybe you will want to choose elegant dresses with flounces?

Weddings, baptisms, communions, as soon as the season starts, it may happen that you will have a lot of these occasions. Evening dresses with flounces may come in handy then.

Remember, however, that we will always encourage you to experiment with stylizations on a daily basis. In our store you will find many extraordinary proposals, including airy dresses with flounces.

These types of models will be perfect for spring and summer, pack them in a backpack, take them to the mountains for a picnic or to relax at the seaside, and you will certainly appreciate their comfort and freedom of wearing.

In the company of hats, colorful pendants, tied sandals, they will also be a perfect outfit for a summer festival. We are sure that you will feel great in them and that you will dance until the very morning.

Dresses with flounces - patterns and materials

Stripes, dots, polka dots and fancy floral patterns - on our website you will find a lot of interesting proposals. Floral dresses with frills certainly represent a strong representation in our offer.

The model called the So Special frill maxi dress stands at the forefront of beautiful floral patterns. It is a truly romantic and very sensual proposition that you can use on many occasions.

Chiffon dresses with frills are also an interesting option. Chiffon fabrics are characterized by extraordinary softness and airiness. This material can be plain, crinkled or patterned. We assure you that you will feel very comfortable in these types of dresses, and when it comes to wearing them comfortably - we have no doubts.

Loose, airy and extremely comfortable, with an interesting addition in the form of frills - what more could you want?

Dresses with frills - colors

Certainly many of you, our clients, like to go crazy with colors. Especially in this type of fancy models with the addition of frills.

The so-called Spanish dresses and blouses are extremely popular. A large, wide neckline, trimmed with a voluminous frill, is their hallmark. What color do you associate with them? Probably red will be your first thought and you are 100% right.

Hot red is the hallmark of Spanish models, but they are also often black. Black frill dresses are timeless, be it the aforementioned Spanish or a beautifully cut classic dress with a frill at the bottom.

With a pair of your favorite high heels, a white jacket and subtle jewelry, they will be a hit-to-point stylization

On the other side of the barricade we have white dresses with flounces. These models are a bit more delicate and romantic. Are you shy, but want to emphasize your girlish charm? Choose white or other delicate pastel shades, you will look phenomenal!

Dresses with plus size ruffles

Do you love your curves and want to show them to the world? Choose dresses with plus size ruffles and let your femininity out.

Dresses with frills for the plump is a really interesting proposition. The frill can direct your attention to the selected part of the body that you want to emphasize. It can also distract you from those parts that you would prefer not to exhibit. The choice is yours!

Plus size dresses with ruffles are an option for real women who are not afraid to experiment with fashion and sometimes go against the grain.