Dresses with open backs - the quintessence of femininity

Summer is the perfect time for the greatest freedom in our stylizations. Dresses with open backs are models thanks to which we can free this freedom.

Backless dresses are ultra feminine, sensual and can emphasize the unique character of each of us. How and when did these models gain popularity?

The history of open-back dresses dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. It was then that the first films were released in cinemas, in which we could watch stately balls, in which women in dresses with open backs tempted men.

The first actress who appeared in this type of creation was Clara Bow, but her footsteps were quickly followed, among others, by star of the era, Jean Harlow, as well as designer Madeleine Vionnet, for whom the cutout on the back has become her hallmark.

A little later, this topic was drawn to the Givenchy fashion house, promoting the open back of the dress in the form of a new cocktail version of the little black dress.

It didn't take long, these styles became extremely popular. To this day, they are used by movie and music stars, models and celebrities.

Dresses and open backs are a very sexy combination, and in our offer you will find both models of this type, as well as more airy and girly ones.

So have a look at our various suggestions. If you are looking for an open back dress - the Naoko store has a lot to offer you. It is our hallmark!

Dresses with open backs - styles for everyone

Our undeniable hit are long dresses with open backs. You fell in love with these models some time ago, which makes us very happy.

Long dresses with open backs are the perfect choice for a romantic date, preferably outdoors and in the company of candlelight. An exposed back will be a bit tempting, but will not reveal everything at once.

These types of styles are also good for great events. The length of the dress will be dignified and elegant, and the exposed back will become an interesting styling treatment.

Backless long dresses will dominate the dance floors in the open air in spring and summer, but also in various other venues in autumn and winter.

However, if you do not feel comfortable in the maxi length, go for short dresses with open backs. They will be a good choice for a walk, bike or barbecue with friends. Certainly not one person, interested in the solution on the back, will ask about your styling.

Do you prefer fitted models? Something less airy and more sensual? Choose pencil dresses - open back will curl up any model of this type, and you will not go unnoticed. This slim fit is the essence of femininity, and a bare back will be a delicious icing on the cake.

One thing is for sure - elegant dresses with open backs will help you add style at every party, and on a daily basis they will be an interesting variety to any styling.

Dresses with open backs - models for various occasions

Certainly, the first thought that came to your mind about the subject of open-back dresses concerned evening dresses. No wonder, this is how their story began, they served as dignified creations for big balls. Only later were the everyday models that we still like to wear today.

Backless evening dresses will be a great solution if you are looking for something really stylish for a party where you want to shine.

Regardless of whether it will be a wedding of a couple of friends, a jubilee, an occasional ball - evening dresses with open backs will help you add style.For such noble parties, choose models made of shiny materials with decorations in the form of pearls and beads

Certainly many of you will need a prom dress for yourself or a loved one. For such a circumstance, it is also worth choosing evening dresses without a back.

With the addition of a simple classic hairstyle, beautiful delicate makeup and fancy jewelry, you can create an unforgettable styling. Remember: prom dresses and bare backs are a perfect duo!

When the carnival is fast approaching and you don't know what to wear on this most important carnival night, remember to expose your back.

Dresses for New Year's Eve with open backs will be a bull's eye! These can be models with fancy ties, for example cords that will slightly cover the back, although not completely.

For those more adventurous, we recommend backless New Year's Eve dresses - classic models, with a twist and a surprise hidden at the back of the styling.

We guarantee that in such models you will get not only the dance floor, but also the admiration of your companions and the envious glances of your friends. Evening dresses and bare back are a hellish duo, but you will surely feel like a million dollars in it.

For less formal occasions, you will be able to choose cocktail dresses - open backs in such models can significantly enhance even the most boring styling. You can choose them for casual meetings with family or friends.

We hope that we have convinced you that open back and fashionable evening dresses can go hand in hand and surprise you at many events.

Dresses with open backs - timeless colors

We see more and more colors in fashion, energizing yellows, juicy greens, romantic roses. There is really a lot to choose from and many brave women eagerly reach for, for example, strong neon shades.

For those of you who do not want to or are afraid to experiment, the obvious choice will be black dresses with open backs. This is a true classic and a tribute to the feminine.

Although simple, modest and in the safest color, all minimalistic with fantasy will like them. Why? Exposed backs will be quite crazy for them here.

On the other hand, black dresses with open backs are proposals for the more courageous. The red itself tempts and seduces, and when we add the exposed back to it - the wow effect is guaranteed. Such a combination is a real bomb!

An alternative to this proposal will certainly be white dresses - in this case, the open back will also serve as a cherry on the cake and an element of surprise in contrast to the subdued color of the outfit.

Dresses with open backs - different materials

Lace dresses with open backs can easily be added to the group of the aforementioned classic proposals, such as black, red and white models. The lace in combination with the above-mentioned colors will work perfectly.

You have no idea for styling? Black or white lace dresses will always defend themselves. Red and lace are also a perfect duo.

These suggestions are extremely sensual and will certainly prove useful for more or less formal exits.

What to choose if we do not have any party planned and we want to feel special every day?

Choose airy dresses with open backs. It will let you unleash your girlish charm and splendor. Do not be afraid of such a choice on an ordinary day, you can feel special without any occasion!