Dresses with a tie - a model that will emphasize every figure

Many women love airy dresses with a tie, we also belong to this group. Maxi, mini, midi, regardless of the length, the belt at the waist adds femininity to this dress.

This is confirmed by our bestselling models long dress with a Sjana and long dress with a binding Emerald Dream - here in maxi length, but you just love them especially in spring and summer, which we are not surprised at all, they are really ultra feminine.

Dresses with a front tie

You surely know different ways of tying this type of models, some have strings on the neckline, other stripes at the waist, and still others are dresses with ties around the neck.

Such styles are very popular, especially in summer. Then we are happy to put on airy clothes, and dresses with a tie at the neck belong to this group. They are also an interesting replacement for jewelry, e.g. popular chokers that we like to wear around the neck.

A dress with a front tie seems to be both modest and sexy. Most often it has quite a large cleavage, which, however, can be slightly covered with a binding and get the effect of mystery.

Not only are dresses with such a motif extremely popular, elegant tied shirts or even plain t-shirts with a bow at the front also look interesting.

However, dresses with a tie on the neckline will be the most universal and will show your girly charm. Add to them delicate jewelry, a chain with your favorite pendant, let it subtly shimmer in the company of straps and strings that are part of the binding.

Dresses with a tie on the back

Yeah, we're all used to the front neckline, but how about the deep back neckline? Or maybe you've fallen in love with revealing your back a long time ago?

Dresses with a tie on the back will therefore be your best companions for spring and summer. Take them on a trip around Europe or to hot tropics.

A photo on the beach under the palm trees overlooking the ocean? Only in dresses with a tie at the back, which will beautifully emphasize your back. Your travel memories will be even more amazing when you see how great you look in this type of typeface.

Dresses with a tie at the back are a hit not only on holidays, but also on any outdoor or club party.

Dress with a side tie

Are you bored with ties at the front and deep necklines at the back? How about a dress with side ties?

This is an unusual solution and depending on the cut, it can be extremely sexy, but also more fancy.

One thing is for sure, a dress with a side tie is a unique model for the brave, so don't be afraid to go crazy and be sure to fancy the ways of tying.

Dress with a tie at the waist

If you want to emphasize your figure, enhance your bust and hips, there is nothing better for you than a dress with a tied waist.

This cut will also help you if you do not have curves, but you want to create them optically - then a dress with a tie at the waist will be the best choice and the easiest method to achieve the desired effect.

Dresses with a tie at the waist are a must have in every woman's wardrobe and a real symbol of their independence and femininity.

Dresses with a tie - patterns and colors

No one will be surprised that the simplest choice for each of us will be a black dress with a tie.

When you want to stand out and go crazy a bit, choose colors and patterns. A floral dress with a binding will be a cool option not only in spring and summer - it will also work well in autumn.