Meet our team

NAOKO is a fashion created with passion by women for women

We are a dynamic, creative and ambitious team that is constantly looking for new challenges. There is always a lot going on with us, and each team is wholeheartedly committed to the company's activities. We are not afraid to lean our heads out of the box, so we are happy to go beyond the current patterns. We are open and courageous, and our dresscode is to express yourself and feel at ease. We look for ways to get some extra work every day, and sarcasm is our middle name. We do not cover our views and moods with an artificial smile, and if you make a mistake - do not worry, there will surely be someone to remind you of it when you least expect it 😉 That is why we like ourselves and our company, which definitely helps us deal with everyday challenges . If you want to know more about us, we invite you to a short presentation of people who make up TEAM NAOKO 😉


Monia - CEO & Fashion Designer

There are rumors in town that she invented the sarcasm. A woman with a big heart and even greater temperament, to whom we owe the creation of the Naoko brand. She draws inspiration from travels, which are her greatest passion. On a daily basis, she manages all our creative mess and supervises the work on the collection.

After work, you will soon meet her on the climbing wall. copy from disk.


Head Analyst

The queen of analysis, which with incredible grace and grace can extinguish our hot and full of ideas heads with numbers. She knows everything about the preferences of our customers, and her wardrobe is bursting at the seams with our products. If you are looking for an answer and nobody can help you - go to Maria, she knows the answer. Privately, psychofan Justin Timberlake in combination with cold prosecco.


Head Marketing

He has a great distance when it comes to his age. It contradicts the thesis that a man sometimes has to take a breath, and his knowledge of the use of sayings and proverbs surprises even the most eminent linguists.

Altruist, committed to helping anyone who needs it.

And professionally, marketing sweeper, although we all sometimes wonder if the terms it uses really exist.


Operations Director

For 15 years, I have been professionally spending my money on clothes and there is no remorse. A marketer by education, a trader by profession and HR specialist by passion. He works persistently and consistently on how to make life difficult for everyone with the next procedure and the "table".


E-commerce Manager

A specialist in marketing and other incomprehensible things. Nobody can pronounce her name well. She wanted to escape the pandemic to Vietnam, but her flight was canceled. She went to Zgierz on vacation. Always late.


Fashion & Graphic Design r

Draws, paints, retouches, creates graphics. He makes beautiful illustrations. Check out her insta! -> He watches over the effect of photo sessions. Currently, at night, she dreams of the upcoming autumn and winter collections and animal prints. He runs around the house taking turns with a watering can and a palo santo.


Production Specialist


Customer Care Specialist

Takes returns and finalizes exchanges every day, explains things to the warehouse when it loses packages or makes mistakes!
Her nickname is "accountant", because she often helps us in settlement matters.
Every day, she loves flowers with all her heart, there is no room for new species at home :) She likes to surround herself with the motif of greenery and leaves, she draws inspiration from nature.


Customer Care Specialist

He deals with matters with partner boutiques, answers e-mails, providing comprehensive answers to all your questions. Mother of two highwaymen. She sometimes comes to work on Sundays to rest.


Customer Care Specialist


Accounting and analysis specialist

A woman of many talents who is not afraid of any challenge.

He interprets the sales bars on a daily basis and obtains the necessary data inside the company.

He also knows about accounting, and he has no equal in choosing a dress for the "product of the day";)

Graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Lodz.

When he is not counting in Excel, he trains food and grows flowers.

Privately, mother of two rascals and a dog who pretends to be a chihuahua: D


Production Specialist

Controls production from the perspective of Excel tables. He makes sure that each product has EAN, UPC or HGW markings. Unlike the rest of the NAOKO team, which eats mainly meatless, she even consumes meat for dessert.


Financial Specialist

An oasis of peace, definitely fits our financial specialist.
Lightning fast, works on any transfer related matter.
She is happy to help others and is perfect at it, there is no other soul who explains so well.

She loves sweatshirts on a daily basis, her styles, although often classic, are very feminine :)


Customer Care Specialist

Justyna is our office Sherlock. The problem is not a problem, it is a puzzle that he solves in the blink of an eye. It works expressly and successively! She eagerly helps others, and multitasking is definitely her advantage!
She goes out to each client with her heart in her hand, and she gives it to us around us every day.
She likes to go mushroom picking, not to have it, she just likes walk in the woods, this way you calm down and recharge your batteries for action!


Customer Care Specialist

At first, a silent mouse, now with her laughter and enthusiasm, she brings good energy to our team!
Her desk is full of notes and not just any which ... are cards with order numbers and matters of our clients.
After work, she is a hair stylist, she has already made more than one sensational metamorphosis :)


Design Team Leader

At NAOKO, he is the leader of the project team and prepares samples; Legend has it that she has already turned gray since then, but you can't see anything under the paint.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, is a fashion and interior designer, and grew up in Silesia - as a result of which she most willingly fills the black walls of the rooms with her own pictures with a view of the mines. Her dream is to make splits. He mocks gold buttons and an elaborate combination of leggings with a tunic. He eagerly replies to the boldest confessions from the sphere of work - "you have balls!"

Due to his passion for Italy, he treats drinking coffee as a ritual - it tastes best in a cup and saucer. A woman with such an original style that she even puts on woolen jackets to curl the beams.


Influencer Marketing Specialist

Called "Lynx". All Instagram influencers are at his fingertips. At NAOKO, she handles matters related to influencer marketing, and also publishes content - thanks to her work at NAOKO, she gained new copywriting skills. She responds to every comment you post on our social media. Privately - a lover and owner of two wonderful French bulldogs and a yorkie who visit our office from time to time. She shares her work at NAOKO with studying - the NAOKO team has the opportunity to participate in online lectures quite regularly.


Head of Customer Service

Professionally supervises the work of Customer Service, covers statistics, tables and other incomprehensible technical issues. Always helpful and smiling. Privately, she loves kittens and does not refuse a round of lola.


Graphic Designer

Graphic designer and passionate. She takes care of every detail, without a doubt she is a perfectionist who loves when everything is buttoned up.

Privately, the world of sweet pastries has no secrets from her. He likes to experiment, look for original recipes, combine non-obvious flavors. Sweet works of art come out of her hand.

In the world of noise, she has an inner harmony, always full of positive attitude and peace. He prefers to spend his free time actively, especially outdoors.


Marketing Manager
Someone once noticed that he has a nose for trends and an endless amount of ideas. Later it turned out to be a good set of traits for the marketer. For the fashion industry, she abandoned her dreams of working in the depths of a graphic arts studio.

Privately, a psycho-fan of Byzantium, Flanders and pop culture of the '90s. He has a whole meme of the internet and random medical facts in his head.


Logistic Coordinator

I am a person with a high sense of humor. I believe that working in a team you like is much more productive and effective.

I can adapt to changing conditions, and I turn the problems I encounter into steps necessary to pass the ladder to success.

Privately, I am a motoring and gaming enthusiast, and I spend my free time with my family.


Supply Assistant

He cannot sit still both at work and in his spare time, so he likes spending time actively, playing volleyball and football. new places, as well as new hobbies such as fishing or diving. He likes new challenges, which is why he is in the NAOKO team! :)


Supply Assistant

Positively twisted, like a snail shell.

He usually spends his free time in a training room, gym or on the field.

Likes travel and eat well, punctuality is his middle name.

Outside of work - full-time dad.


Boutique Manager - Warsaw Powiśle Power Plant

Graduate of the University of Łódź at the Faculty of Management and Educational Sciences. She was supposed to become a teacher, but life changed this scenario ... Previous professional experience meant that she is currently working with clients. He loves to advise others; especially in terms of clothing and styling. Her life could not exist without cinema and good food, although fries always come first. He dreams of traveling to Australia.


Boutique Assistant - Warsaw Powiśle Power Plant

A student of German philology at the University of Warsaw. She always dreamed about it as going to Germany, so far she is in Warsaw and you can meet her at Elektrownia Powiśle. He has a good sense of style and is always happy to advise you if it gets too boring, maybe also in German. A nice and always friendly person to the customer, after which no one will leave the NAOKO boutique empty-handed.


Boutique Manager - Poznań Posnania Gallery

Naoko was on board almost from the very beginning. Multitasking is her middle name.

A positive attitude never leaves her, she will find a way out of any situation with a smile. He loves Asian cuisine and long journeys, he always has to check what's behind the bend, and the Boutique in Poznań calls his child: P

Join the Naoko team!

We are currently looking for people for the following positions. If you think that you will be successful on one of them, send the application via and fill out the short form .

Customer Service Specialist

The NAOKO brand is expanding its team! We are a clothing brand, our offer is addressed to brave women, dreamers who like to travel and take up new challenges in life.

Your scope of duties

• advising our clients - by phone or e-mail / chat
• solving problems and carrying out customer instructions
• introducing changes to orders
• cooperation with a logistics center and courier companies

Our requirements

• you like talking to people and you will find a common topic with everyone
• you have experience in customer service or sales, and the "language of benefits" is the only language you speak;)
• patience is your middle name - we have the best clients in the world, but a package that is "stuck" on the border for a hundred years can throw anyone off balance;)
• working with a "difficult client" is a piece of cake for you, and solving problems gives you satisfaction

We offer this

• single shift work from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
• full-time work in the office in Aleksandrów Łódzki near Łódź / quick access ul. Aleksandrowska
• possibility of professional development
• necessary tools and very good working conditions
• support from experienced colleagues
• salary adequate to your skills and experience - let us know how much you want to earn and we will see what you can do get done;)