Terms of Service

General provisions

1. These Regulations set out the rules for making purchases in the Online Store NAOKO-Store.pl operating at: www.naoko-store.plwhich is run by the seller.

2. Whenever the regulations refer to:

a) sellers - it is understood by this NAOKO ul. Romanowska 55b/32b
NIP 9471888490, REGON 100127571.

b) client  This is understood as a natural person, who has at least limited legal capacity and persons over 13 years of age subject to articles 11-24 of the Civil Code, as well as a legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, having legal capacity and capacity to act legal.

c) Store-it is understood by the online store Nało-store.pl, run by the seller at www.naoko-store.pl.

d) Goods or goods - it means goods offered by the Seller for retail sales available in the store.

e) price  It should be understood as the gross price of the goods placed next to information about the goods, expressed in Polish zlotys, not taking into account the costs of delivery of the goods.

f) suppliers - it is understood by the Polish Post Office, InPost or courier cooperating with the seller.

g) costs of delivery of the goods  It means fees for the delivery of goods to the customer.

h) Order - it is understood as an order for goods or goods placed by the Customer in the Store in accordance with these Regulations. Ordering orders in the store is possible 24 hours a day for all days of the year.

2. The Seller declares that all products offered in the NaKO-STORE.PL store are brand new, free from physical and legal defects, and have been legally marketed on the Polish market.

3. The information provided on the Store's website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. They are an invitation to submit offers by customers.

4. Store customers are prohibited from providing unlawful content.

5. The store is obliged to apply the Code of Good Practices pursuant to art. 2 points 5 of the Act of 23 August 2007 (Journal of Laws of 20 September 2007) on counteracting unfair market practices understood as a set of principles of conduct, in particular ethical and professional norms, entrepreneurs who committed themselves to comply with them in relation to one or more market practices.

Type, scope and conditions of services provided electronically

1. Naoko-store.pl sells goods via the naoko-store.pl online store and provides the "Newsletter" service. The condition for the provision of services specified in the Regulations is to read the Regulations and accept its provisions.

2. Services provided electronically on the basis of these Regulations consist in enabling the use of the NaKO-STORE.PL online store in order to conclude a sales contract and its implementation, and the "Newsletter" service consists in sending messages containing information about the current offer.

3. The "Newsletter" service is free and requires consent to sending commercial information, as well as indicating the e-mail address to which the messages are to be sent.

4. In order to use the services provided on the basis of these Regulations, the User should have:

* Internet browser: Internet Explorer in a version not older than 8.0 or Mozilla Firefox in a version not older than 9.0 or Chrome in a version not older than 10.0 or opera in a version not older than 10.0,
* Java Script service enabled,
* Cookie support enabled,
* Active e-mail address.

5. Gift cards are carried out once for the entire amount.

Conditions of order processing

1. Orders are carried out only throughout the European Union and the United States.

2. Placing an order via the Store's website consists of the following:

* selecting goods from among the store pages,
* adding them to the basket,
* selecting the method of payment and delivery,
* logging in to the customer's account in the event that the order is submitted by a registered customer
* providing the data necessary to perform the order and accepting these Regulations in the event that the order is submitted by an unregistered customer.

Clicking the "I order and pay" button.

3. The Customer receives an automatically generated message to the e-mail address provided with a request to confirm the order by clicking the link contained in the message.

Payment rules

1. The amount due for the goods and costs of delivery of the goods may be paid according to the possibilities below:

a. in cash (cash on delivery) in the event of delivery of the goods by the supplier,
b. by credit card  using a system enabling online payments on the store's website, when the card possessed by the customer gives him such an opportunity,
c. by transfer and internet transfers via the Przelewy24 website
d. by transfer to the bank account:
Santander Bank 66 1090 2705 0000 0001 4993 1660

2. At the customer's request, an electronic VAT invoice will be issued for order.

Delivery of ordered goods

1. The order is delivered by shipping the ordered goods to the address indicated by the Customer through available forwarding services (carrier). The cost of the order is added to the shipping cost in accordance with the shipping costs table. It is not possible to receive a personal order in stationary boutiques.

Orders paid or cash on delivery are sent on the date given in the card of each product. The deadline is set out on business days counted from the next day after placing the order (on business days, if the delivery time is not longer, the order receives individual delivery time in the opposite situation). The approximate delivery date is given in the description of each product.

2. The customer is asked to check the state of the parcel during collection. In the event of a defect or damage to the item, the Customer is asked to perform all activities necessary to determine the carrier's responsibility by informing the Store: writing the report determining the state of the parcel and the circumstances of the damage and signing at the same time by the carrier and the recipient of the parcel.

3. Ladies and Gentlemen, a customs fee applies in the zone outside the EU tariff. It is independent of us, calculated by the carrier and according to its price list.

Return of the purchased goods

1. Pursuant to art. 27 of the Act of 30 May 2014 (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827) on consumer rights, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason by submitting a statement of withdrawal from the contract within 14 days of issuing the item. To keep the deadline, it is enough to send a statement before its expiry.

2. Please refer to the following address:

NAOKO - phrases

Omnipack Sp. z o.o.

Szczecińska 49

66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski

Panattoni Park Rampa T48

3. The consumer is required to return the entrepreneur's thing immediately, but not later than 30 days from the day he received the products physically. To keep the deadline, it is enough to send back the item before its expiry. The consumer bears direct costs of returning things. If the consumer has chosen a way to deliver the item other than the cheapest ordinary delivery method offered by the store, the store is not obliged to reimburse the consumer incurred by him additional costs.

4. The store, no later than within 14 days from the date of e -mail acceptance of the returned goods, shall refund the consumer all his payments, without shipping costs, however, he may refrain from reimbursement until he receives the item back or provides the consumer by the consumer's proof of its reference.

5. The consumer shall be responsible for reducing the value of things that are the result of using it in a way that goes beyond the necessary character, features and functioning of things. In addition, in accordance with art. 38 para. 5 of the Act on consumer rights, the right to withdraw from the contract concluded outside the premises of the enterprise or at a distance is not entitled to the consumer in relation to contracts in which the subject of the benefit is the item delivered in a sealed package, which after opening the packaging cannot be returned for hygiene reasons, if the packaging has been opened after delivery.

6. Detailed instruction on withdrawal from the contract and the model withdrawal form available from the contract are availablehere.

7. The consumer, in the event of a return, must complete the appropriate form available on our website in electronic or for printing.

8. The store does not accept downloadable returns, the amount due is always sent to the customer, after acceptance of the refund, to the account from which the payment was made, within 14 days of the acceptance of the refund and the correct consumer account number.

9. Gift cards are not refundable or exchange. Return in the case of paying with a gift card is in the form of a gift card.

Warranty and complaint of the goods

1. To customers who are consumers, the Seller is responsible for the non -compliance of the goods with the contract. In the case of customers who are not consumers, the seller is responsible for the principles set out in the Civil Code.

2. The products offered by the Store have a manufacturer's warranty. The time of granting the warranty of each product appears in its description on the store's pages.

3. The Store is liable for non -compliance of the goods sold with the contract, when the item sold by him is affected by a defect that reduces the value of the item, the usefulness of things, when the item has no properties that the store provided in the product description, when the item was issued in incomplete, incomplete state , and at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the consumer did not know about her.

4. The condition for maintaining the right to use the complaint is notification of the defect immediately after detecting it. Complaints should be sent to the store's address within 14 days of notification. The customer has the right to remove the defect, exchange a defective item with another, without a disadvantage. In the absence of repair or replacement, there is a refund. The complaint will be considered by the store within 14-21 days from the date of receipt of the advertised product along with the required documents.

5. The warranty applies within 24 months from the execution of the order.

6. Complaint form Available here.

7. The advertised goods should be sent with a description of the complaint to the following address:

NAOKO  Complaints
ul. 1-go Maja 51, 95-070 Aleksandrów Łódzki, Poland


1. The Customer, when registering in the Store, agrees to the collection and processing by the Seller of personal data provided in the Form within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 926) for the purpose execution of orders made in the store.

2. Providing personal data by the Customer is voluntary, but the lack of consent to the processing of personal data prevents the registration and implementation of customer orders in the Store.

3. The Customer may agree to receive advertising and commercial information from the seller, including electronic means of communication. This consent is granted by the customer by selecting the appropriate option on the registration form. Expressing consent is not a condition for the performance of the order.

4. The Customer has the right to inspect the content of the provided personal data and their correction, as well as demanding data deletion.

5. The Customer's Personal Data Administrator is:

Romanowska 55b/32b
91-174 Łódź


1. The Regulations shall enter into force on May 5, 2016.

2. Store regulations may change with changes for the future. Each User will be informed about the content of the changes to the regulations by placing a message on the store's website about a change of regulations, containing a list of changes and maintaining this information for a period of 14 calendar days, and users with a user account will be additionally notified by the Store by sending to the e -mail address, indicated By them in the registration form, information containing a list of changes to the regulations. Information on the amendment of the Regulations will take place no later than 14 calendar days before the introduction of the amended Regulations. If a user with a user account does not accept the new content of the Regulations, it is obliged to notify the Store within 14 days of informing the regulations.

3. All disputes related to the services provided by the Store will be resolved by common courts. The customer who is a consumer has the opportunity to take advantage of the out -of -court manner of considering a complaint and pursuing claims against a permanent consumer court at the Provincial Inspector of the Trade Inspection in Warsaw. Information on how to access the abovementioned The procedures and procedures for resolving disputes are at the following address: www.uokik.gov.pl, in the "Consumer dispute resolution" tab.


Terms and Conditions

1. The Present Terms and Conditions Set Rules of Making Purchase online in NAOKO-Store.pl Avilaable at: www.naoko-store.pl, Who is run by the seller.

2. Whenever These Terms and Conditions Pages are:

a) The Seller- Shall Mean NAOKO, Romanowska 55b/32b, Premises Number 13, VAT 9471888490, Statistical Number (REGON) 100127571

b) Customer- Shall Men A Natural Person with Pen Limited Capacity to Perform Acts in Law and People with Finished Age of 13 Years Subject to Articles 11-24 of the Civil Code, and Also Legal Person Or Any Other Enty Entity Without Legal Personality Having Legal Capacity.

c) Shop- Shall MEAN Internet Shop NaKOKA-STORE.PL, Conducad by The Seller Under Following Website: www.naoko-store.pl

d) Goods- Shall Mean Goods Offered By The Seller for Retail, Avilable in the Shop

e) Price- Shall Mean Gross Price Shown Next To The Information About the Goods, Presented in Polish Zloty, Excluding Shipment Costs of the Goods

f) Provider- Shall Mean Polish Post, InPost or Courier Company Cooperation with the Seller

Costs of Delivery of the Goods- Shall Mean Payments for Delivery of the Goods to the Client

H) Order- Shall Mate Order for the Goods Made by the Client in the Shop According to Following Terms and Conditions. Making Orders in the Shop is Possible 24 Hours a Day Every Day of the Year.

2. The Seller States That All the Products Offered in the Shop NaKOK-STORE.PL Are Brand New, Free from Materia Defects and Title Defects and Were Legally Admitted To Trading on A Territory of Poland.

3. Information Given on Webpage of the Shop Do Not Constitude An Offer Within The Meaning of the Civil Code. They Constitude Invitation to Offer Making by The Customers.

4. TERMS and Conditions ProHbit The Illegal Content.

5. The Online Shop is Obliged to Apply the Code of Good Practices Based on Article 2, Section 5 of the Act of 23 August 2009 Conduct, Especily of Professional and Ethical Standards of Entrepreneurs Who Have Undertaken to Be Bound by It in Relation to One Or More Particular Commercial Practices or Business Sectors.


1. naoko-store.pl conducts sell of goods via Internet store naoko-store.pl and provides “NEWSLETTER” service. The condition of services described in the Terms and conditions is to become familiar with regulations and its acceptance.

2. Services supplied electronically, according to the following Terms and conditions, consist in enabling to use the online store naoko-store.pl in order to conclude a sale agreement and complete it, and “NEWSLETTER” service consist in sending message containing information about current offer.

3. The „ NEWSLETTER” service is free of charge and requires to give the consent for sending commercial information and also to indicate e-mail address, to which the messages are supposed to be sent.

4. In order to use service based on hereby Regulations, the User should have:

* Internet browser: Internet Explorer in version not older than 8.0 or Mozilla FireFox in version not older than 9.0 or Chrome in version not older than 10.0 or Opera in version not older than 10.0;

* activated Java Script use

* activated Cookies files use

* active e-mail


1. Orders are delivered only on the territory of whole European Union and United States of America.

2. Placing the order using Internet webpage of the Shop needs following operations:

* choosing the goods among those presented on webpages of the Shop

* adding the goods to the basket

* choosing payment method and delivery

* login to customer’s account in case, when the order is placed by registered customer

* Providing of the data necessary to perform the contract and accept the following Regulations in case, when the order will be placed by unregistered Customer

* click “order and pay” buton

3. The Customer receives on e-mail address provided by him an automatically generated message with request to confirm placing the Order through clicking in link added to the message.


1. The amount for the Goods and delivery costs can be regulated according to the following possibilities:

a. in cash ( cash on delivery) in case of providing the Goods by the Supplier

b. by credit card- using payment system enabling on-line payments on Internet webpage of the Shop, in situation, when the card owed by the Customer gives him such possibility

c. by bank transfer and Internet bank transfer through the Service paypal.

d. by bank transfer: Santander Bank 66 1090 2705 0000 0001 4993 1660

2. On Customer’s demand the Supplier will prepare electronic VAT invoice for the order.


1. Delivery of the Goods is made by shipment of ordered goods to the address indicated by the Customer, through available forwarding companies ( couriers). The shipment costs are added to order’s costs, according to shipment price lists. Orders already paid or cash on delivery we send within period of 7 working days, calculated from next day after the day of placing the order ( in working days). Approximate delivery time is from 1 to 7 working days from the day of confirmation of the Order by the Shop.

2. The client is requested to inspect the parcel upon taking delivery from the courier. In case of shipment decrease or damage, the Customer is requested to perform any activities indispensable to decide upon courier’s responsibility by informing the Shop about this matter: write a protocol describing state of the shipment , circumstances leading to damage and sign the protocol both by the courier and shipment’s consignee.


1. According to article 27 from Act of 30th May 2014 ( Journal of Laws of 2014, position 827) concerning consumer rights, the Consumer has right to withdraw from the agreement without giving any reason, by presenting to the Shop a notice of cancellation in a period of fourteen calendar days. To comply with this deadline, you must send a statement before its expiry.

2. Please send the returned Goods to the following address:

NAOKO  naoko-store.pl
ul. 1-go Maja 51, 95-070 Aleksandrów Łódzki, Poland

3. The Client is obliged to immediately return the goods to the Supplier, no longer than within 30 days from the day, when he withdrawns from the contract. To maintain the period for withdrawal , the returned goods need to be sent back before the period’s end. The consumer bears the direct costs of returning the goods. If the consumer chose delivery of the goods other than the cheapest one offered by the Shop, the Shop is not obliged to return the extra costs.

4. The Seller, no later than in period of 14 days from the day the Customer received the notice of withdrawal of the goods, will return to the Customer all payments made by him, without delivery costs, however he can hold the return of the payment until the moment when he receives the Goods back or the Customer will deliver a proof of its sending back.

5. The Customer is responsible for decreasing the worth of the Goods as a result of using it in a way other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. What is more, according to article 38 of Act number 5 concerning consumer rights , a right to withdraw from distance and off-premises contracts, does not concern the Consumer in regard to contracts, whose subject are goods delivered in sealed package, which cannot be returned because of hygienic reasons, if the package has been opened after delivery.

6. Detailed justification concerning withdrawal from the contract can be downloaded here, and sample of the document here.

7. The Shop does not accept returns as returns of cash on delivery. The amount received is always sent back to the customer after acceptance of the return, on a bank account given by the Customer, in period of 14 days after reception of the goods and correct Customer’s bank account number.


1. To Customers being consumers, the Seller is responsible for discrepancy between the Goods and the agreement. To Customers not being consumers, the Seller is responsible according to the rules set out in Civil Code.

2. Products offered by the Shop are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Information about warranty concerning every product may be find in product’s description on Shop’s webpage.

3. The Shop bears liability to the Consumer for non-compliance with the order of the ordered goods, in the case the delivered goods have defects, which results in decreasing its value or usability for the purpose defined in the contract or resulting from the circumstances or purpose of these goods; also, in the event when the goods do not have the qualities, of which the Shop assured, or if the goods were delivered to the Consumer incomplete and by the time of the agreement the Consumer did not know about it.

4. The condition to maintain the right to make a complaint is informing about the defect within period of 24 months (after 14 days from reception of goods). The Customer has right to: withdraw from the agreement, decrease the price , making replacement delivery of the Goods, repair. The complaint shall be investigated within 14 days from the date of reception of the Goods concerning the complaint together with necessary documents. In case of necessity to present expert’s opinion, the period of the complaint may be prolonged to 21 calendar days.

5. The defective Goods should be returned together with a description of causes of complaint into following address:

NAOKO  naoko-store.pl
ul. 1-go Maja 51, 95-070 Aleksandrów Łódzki, Poland


1. The Client registers in the Shop and agrees on collecting and processing by the Seller personal data given in the form within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data, in order to execute the Orders made in the Shop.

2. Provision of the personal data by the user is completely voluntary; however lack of acceptance for processing of personal data will disable registration and execution of orders of the Customer in the Shop.

3. The Customer can agree to receive from the Seller information for information and advertising purposes, also by electronic means of communication. Permission is granted by the Customer through ticking correct option on the registration form. Giving consent is not a legal condition for realization of the Order.

4. Every client has the right to access his personal data and to change it, also to demand deleting it.

5. The Seller that administers the set of personal data of the Clients is:

NAOKO – naoko-store.pl
91-174 ŁÓDŹ


1. Terms and conditions enter into force on 5th May 2016.

2. The Terms and conditions may be changed with changes in the future. Every User will be informed about changes in the regulations by putting on the online webpage of the Shop information about changing of the Terms and conditions, showing the changes and leaving this information for 14 calendar days, and Users having User Account, will be additionally informed by the Shop through sending electronic message, presented by them in the registration form, showing changes in Terms and conditions. Information about changes in the Terms and conditions will be no later than 14 calendar days before establishing amended Terms and Conditions. If the User, having User Account, does not accept the new provisions of the Terms and conditions, he shall be obliged to inform the Shop about that fact within 14 days from the date of informing about changes in the Terms and conditions.

3. Any dispute related to service provided by the Shop shall be resolved by common courts of law. The Customer being the consumer, has the possibility of having recourse to an out-of-court complaint and redress mechanism before the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court of the Provincial Inspector of The Commercial Inspection in Warsaw. Information about methods of access to this way and dispute settlement procedures, may be found at the following address: www.uokik.gov.pl, in tab “Settlement of consumer disputes” („Rozstrzyganie sporów konsumenckich”).