Aspen Colorado Winter Jacket

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The Aspen Colorado Winter Jacket is the perfect cover for people who don't want to choose: a warm winter jacket or a colorful winter jacket? With the Aspen Colorado, you can have both. The unique print of the jacket draws attention from afar, so you won't go unnoticed down the street. In addition to aesthetic values, it also has a very practical dimension - you are better visible on the road in a dark winter evening. Contrary to appearances, it is important in the flood of black and gray winter jackets.

The Aspen Colorado winter jacket features a bold orange hue in the upper part, a deep, roomy hood and pockets. It is comfortable, functional and warm, and in addition extraordinary - what more could you want from a winter jacket.

What to wear the Aspen Colorado winter jacket with? Strong pattern and strong color will love a more subdued company, such as a black or beige hat, e.g. Romney hat. 

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S, M, L

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Długość pośrodku tyłu: 83 cm, 84 cm, 85 cm

Długość rękawa: 69,5 cm, 70 cm, 70,5 cm

Material and care

100% poliester


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